Ross Young, Supernat PA Larping coverRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short story


It’s been about two years since Ross Young became the supernatural PA for his clan. In that time, Ross met and married Glenn, and he has mostly settled into the crazy job of wrangling his often unruly clan members. Of course, keeping the assorted paranormals in check isn’t easy, and when Ross notices it is unusually quiet around the neighborhood, he knows something is up. It doesn’t take long for Ross to realize that the group has joined a “battle” and invited along some other clans. What they don’t realize is that it is not a real battle — they have stumbled upon a group of humans role playing (aka LARPing). The problem, of course, is that while the humans are pretending to fight with homemade costumes and “weapons,” the clan members think it is a real fight. Now, Ross has to get his clan out of there before they end up hurting anyone or the humans figure out that their fellow combatants are more than just people in really good costumes.

This short story follows up on the delightful adventures of Ross Young in The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA. The original novel was put together from a series of short stories featuring Ross and his unruly clan, and this short picks up with a new adventure for him. So if you have read the main book, this story essentially reads like one of the individual shorts that make up that novel. I think new readers could enjoy this one, but the full book is so much fun and I think you will get more out of this story if you have read about some of Ross’ past adventures.

In this story, Ross suddenly realizes it is far too quiet around the neighborhood, which means something is up. As always, the clan has managed to get itself in trouble and Ross has to clean things up. The story has all the same humor and playfulness we have come to expect from this series as a beleaguered Ross must explain to his clan mates that this isn’t actually a real fight and sadly they aren’t allow to wound or maim anyone. I love this series and find it just delightful, and this story has a lot of that same charm. Things did feel a little repetitive here as we see a lot of Ross explaining to various folks what is really going on. So this story didn’t really develop much beyond seeing Ross go through the same actions over and over. But that said, I loved reconnecting with this world and these characters and Sherwood manages to make the stories fun and a little zany, but still not too over the top and with a lot of heart.

Sherwood hints at the end that all may not be over for Ross and the gang and more stories could be to come. If so, I will be eagerly signing up to read on.

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