Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Andy Montgomery is looking forward to college, but he isn’t really looking forward to living in the dorms. He immediately knows he made the wrong decision when his roommate, West Baxter, walks in. West is hot and Andy thinks living with him will be torture. But Andy is wrong about some things as West becomes a great friend and the two of them build a close relationship. The closer they get though, the more Andy’s crush on West grows until Andy knows he is fully in love with West. Andy tries to put some distance between them, but West continues to be a true friend.

The years pass and Andy and West have other relationships, develop careers, and make some poor decisions. At one point, Andy’s life is in a downward spiral and a few words from West has Andy reevaluating the direction his life is heading. Although Andy tries to have other relationships, no one will ever compare to West and Andy tries again and again to move on as he knows that West will never be his. However, what Andy always thought may not be correct and maybe his love for West hasn’t been as unrequited as he thought.

The story of Andy and West spans ten years in this book and the men first meet in their college dorm as roommates. Andy falls so hard and completely for West and West becomes such a focal point in Andy’s life. West brings a lot of women back to their room and Andy would have no reason to think that West would be interested in him, except maybe he misses a lot of hints from West.

The book is told entirely from Andy’s POV, so we only see what he sees and only as interpreted through him and by him. There are little sparks of thought that maybe West is interested in more, but since neither of them makes a move and they never talk about anything, life moves on. Andy is mostly tormented by his love for West and, as the years go by, he drowns himself in sex and drugs, which of course doesn’t help anything.

This book was a fast read as the pages flew by rapidly. Some areas of their lives are gone into in detail, while others are mentioned as time moves forward. Both men have on page relations with others many times throughout the book and it’s all part of their story that becomes an engaging experience. There is a breaking point as the men grow closer than they have ever been and it becomes almost sad that they couldn’t get it together and figure themselves out earlier in their lives. The chemistry between them is great and Andy and West do get the ending they both have longed for. West’s POV was missing for me in this book and there is a second book for them from West’s POV that gives a different spin on this story, and I will be looking forward to reading that next.