Today I am so pleased to welcome K.C. Cassidy to Joyfully Jay. K.C. has come to talk to us about the All American Boy series and to share an exclusive excerpt. K.C. has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!


Are you ready to set sail with these hot new boys from the All American Boy Series?

The All American Boy Series is proud to deliver 9 new MM romance books in the shared world experience you’ve come to know and love. All books are standalone novellas with some cross-over elements.

Join us for Gay Romances from Shane K. Morton, BL Maxwell, Kris Jacen, David Michael, Layla Dorine, Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy, Miski Harris, TL Travis, Elle Keaton

Week One’s releases include:


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Exclusive Excerpt

Pretty Boy by K.C. Kassidy


Finn ends the call and sighs as he places his phone on the counter.

“Tara and Scooter are calling it a day and heading back to Boston, leaving me all by myself.”

His blue eyes flash with an expectant look and I cock my head. “What?”

He lifts a shoulder. “Do you have plans? Do you still want to hang out with me? I’d love to see the festival. Or maybe we could go out on your boat today instead of tomorrow morning.”

Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea.

“I guess we could do that.” I give him an evil glare. “Hold it. Are you just trying to get out of the three-thirty departure time?”

He gives me a who, me? look, then claps his hands together excitedly.

Jesus, this man. I’ve never met anyone so attractively animated.

We finish up our breakfast and order some coffees to go, then head out into the street that’s now even more full with tourists under the late-morning sunshine. It knocks me off-kilter on days like this, trying to adjust to the surge in traffic and hordes of people. Outside the busy summer months, I enjoy the quiet sleepy town where I grew up and sometimes wonder whether I’ll fit in with the big city life if I do ever commit to enrolling in a cosmetology school.

Finn and I take some time to walk around the vendor booths, checking out all the beautiful handcrafted arts and crafts. The talent of these skilled artists blows my mind.

We stop at a soap and fragrance vendor and Finn bends over the table of handmade soaps, testing out each scent by lifting them to his nose. His oohs and ahhs seem to charm the pants off the hippie chick with long dreads selling them as he gushes over each one.

“Mmm…smell this one. It’s delicious,” Finn says, nudging me with his hip and shoving the bar of soap under my nose. “It’s like hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night while you snuggle by the fire.”

I take a deep inhale and give him a neutral expression. “I guess. If you like marshmallow.”

Finn puts the soap back down and turns to face me, hands on his hips in a defensive stance. “My God, Mason. You are a hard man to please, aren’t you? Does anything ever float your boat?”

His question has me scowling. Is he right? Am I a stick-in-the-mud who rains on everyone’s parades?

“Yes, I enjoy a lot of things.”

He snickers. “Like what? What does a guy like you do for fun? And you can’t say lobster fishing.”

Hardly. That’s a job, a chore I endure because of my dad, not something I’d prefer to do with my days if I had a choice.

You do have choices; you just choose not to make a different one.


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