Today I am so pleased to welcome C.P. Harris to Joyfully Jay. C.P. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Bad Wrong Things. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Exclusive Excerpt

In my peripheral, Clint approached the sink, folding his sleeves up his muscular forearms, tie and blazer removed. I set my caged breath free. 

I declined his offer for water and channeled my strength toward gravity to keep from floating over to him. 

His hair and stubble, once blond, were now the color of gray clouds and moonlight. He filled his glass, his broad throat working as he downed the contents. Clint made swallowing look sexy, and I knew how this would end if I didn’t leave. 

Turning to rinse out the glass, his hand stilled on the faucet handle. 

Please don’t—

“You’re still beautiful,” he whispered into the sink. 

Damn him… “Don’t,” I squeezed past tight lips. 

“Hair the color of a raven’s wing, eyes the color of glaciers,” he’d said to me more than once, stroking a hand over my widow’s peak, making love to me like I was his possession—because I was. Reflecting back on it, what we did couldn’t qualify as lovemaking. Clint and I were like hot oil kissing water. Gasoline crooking its finger at an open flame. We came together like animals in heat, marking and pissing over our territory. And love had everything, yet nothing, to do with it. 

We weren’t always that way. Clint was the kindest man I’d ever met, once upon a time. By the end, neither of us could stomach our own reflection, and after all these years, I stood there confident in knowing that the worst mistake I’d ever taken part in was the best decision of my life. I need to get out of here.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His voice clapped through the kitchen. 

I shuddered, ignoring his question as I reached for my coat. My cold hand wrapped firmly around the brass knob of the back door as footsteps pounded down on me. A resolute palm slammed it shut, making the aged hinges cry. Harsh panting at my ear sent memories I’d worked hard to forget hammering through my walls like a mallet.  

“Don’t do this, Raven. Not again.”

“You know how this ends, Clint.” 

“Then let it end that way, damn it.” He pressed into me. “I’m not the same man you left, Raven. I promise I’m not. But you’ll have to put me down first if you plan on leaving me like that again.”


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bad wrong things coverOne promise.

One summer to see it through.

One explosive love fueled by mutual obsession.

The day Clint sees his son, Joey, off to basic training, the young man he’s devoted his life to extracts one promise from him: spend the summer doing something selfish for a change. The request seems harmless enough until Joey puts his best friend, Raven, in charge of seeing it through.

Raven would do anything for the people who took him in as a teen, and, when it comes to Clint, anything comes without limits. When encouraging Clint to explore his selfish side reveals Raven’s love for the older man, Raven is shocked to discover his feelings may not be unrequited. Not only are they returned, but all his darkest, most hidden desires have finally found their match.

Clint’s possession feeds every craving Raven’s ever known. Raven’s openness provides Clint the freedom he’s longed for to take whatever he wants, and soon boundaries are abandoned at the bedroom door. As summer’s promise bleeds into winter, and the threat of Joey’s impending return looms over their heads, Clint and Raven love faster and harder.

When Joey’s disapproval ends up being the least of their concerns, Raven and Clint go to desperate extremes to stay close because something is better than nothing. Facing an uncertain future, both men are left wondering if you can ever go too far or risk too much and still come out on the other side whole.

Bad Wrong Things is an age-gap, best friend’s dad romance with two possessive MCs and themes of hurt/comfort and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults and eventually get their hard-earned HEA. Use the look inside feature for trigger warnings.

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