Today I am so pleased to welcome Elle Keaton to Joyfully Jay. Elle has come to talk to us about her latest release, Real Risk. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

When he got home, without ice cream, Devon let himself in the front door, still stewing about Martin Reynolds. The house felt quiet, but he knew Frye was around. His rental car was parked out front. Maybe he’d taken himself for an evening walk?

A rude snort had him dismissing all thoughts of Reynolds and glancing over to the couch where he’d left Frye reading earlier. Frye lay there. His eyes were shut, and he appeared to be fast asleep. His reading glasses were askew, and the paperwork he’d been going over had slipped to the floor.

A spark of something he wasn’t used to stirred in Devon’s gut. Without thinking too much about it, he whipped out his phone and took a picture. Next time Frye gave him crap about something, he had ammunition. He was just sliding his phone back into his pocket when Frye opened his eyes.

“I wasn’t asleep.”

Literally the first words out of his mouth.

“If you weren’t asleep, I should probably call the ER about that weird loud breathing you were doing.”

“I don’t snore.”

“Do all the twinks tell you that?” Devon unzipped his jacket and hung it up. “‘Oh, Kimball, you have the most incredible way of breathing. It’s not falling asleep after sex—it’s special cuddling.’ But”—he turned away, heading into the kitchen—“you’re probably one of those guys with weird rules like no sleeping over and no kissing, and the twinks have daddy issues, so they let you get away with it.”

Silence was his only response. Devon allowed himself a pleased grin. Frye needed a little riling. He was far too composed. He heard muttering and rustling from the other room, Frye sitting back up and fixing his glasses most likely.

Opening the fridge, Devon stared at the groceries they’d bought. Plenty of food, but he didn’t feel like cooking or listening to one of Frye’s “You are what you eat” lectures. Sometimes Devon just wanted pizza.

“Do you want to risk heading over to Brooch?” he called. “The Kiln has finally reopened, and they serve incredible hand-tossed pizza. You should try it before you head back to California. Dany Petyr, the new chef, makes an effort to use locally sourced fresh ingredients—even you couldn’t find anything wrong with it.” He shut the fridge door and turned to find Frye standing behind him, close enough Devon could smell his aftershave—something earthy and appealing. Devon eyed him. “If you borrow one of my baseball caps to cover your hair, people will probably think you’re just one of the guys. Old,” he added, “but one of the guys.”

Frye opened his mouth, shut it, and opened it again. “Pizza sounds fine.”

“Hat? You wouldn’t want the island twinks to realize you’re an honest-to-god silver fox.”

Devon’s jab was rewarded with a long, dark look from Frye. And yeah, he stared back, looking Frye up and down, adding an eyebrow raise for good measure.


real risk coverWest Coast Forensics, Book 3

It’s possible they’re a match but first the two men will have to survive trial by fire.

Chief Flynn is fighting smoke and flames, tirelessly protecting the lives and property of his fellow islanders from yet another spate of fires.

Arson or accident?

When injury puts him on the sidelines, West Coast Forensics Arson Investigator Kimball Frye offers his assistance. Frye is The Most Irritating Man in the World, a condescending know-it-all who rubs Devon the wrong way.

Or does he?

Decades ago an arsonist stole his family from him since then Frye has devoted his life to putting them behind bars. At forty-nine, he doesn’t believe in permanent relationships, instead preferring the company of interchangeable younger men.

Is the arsonist trying to shift the blame onto Devon, or trying to kill him? If it’s the latter it just might work.

Feeling the pull of attraction to Devon as the firebug grows bolder is inconvenient. Will Kimball listen to his heart or his head? The younger men he’s always preferred are nothing like the solid, stalwart Fire Chief.

Real Risk is the third in the West Coast Forensics series and can be read as a standalone but may be enjoyed more if you read the Real Trouble and Real Danger first. It is dual POV following Devon Flynn and Kimball Frye as they bicker and fumble their way to their happily ever after.


elle keaton bio photoElle Keaton writes contemporary gay romance and MM romantic suspense set in the Pacific Northwest. Elle’s books are known for their hot mm romance, complex characters, and unique sense of place. The men start out broken, and maybe they’re still banged up by the end, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle published first in 2017, now she has over seventeen books available for you to read or listen to.

She loves cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with ballpoint pen.

Love always wins, thank you for supporting this indie author!

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