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Length: Novel


Wyatt and Easton became best friends as small boys. As teens, Wyatt’s crush on Easton grew into a never ending love. Growing up gay in small town Texas is difficult enough for Wyatt, but he loves ranching and he loves Easton, even if he knows there is no chance of Easton loving him back. When life in Texas does become too difficult, Wyatt tries to make a new life far away, but Texas and Easton keep calling him home.

Now, after a tragedy, Wyatt is back in Texas and he and Easton are living under the same roof. Wyatt once again becomes the lifeline that Easton always knew he was, but it takes seeing Wyatt on his knees to ignite a different kind of spark in Easton. Wyatt has been Easton’s best friend his entire life and he doesn’t understand why now he’s starting to see him differently. But both men keep quiet about their feelings and the years go by. When Easton has one last chance to tell Wyatt how he feels, it’ll either give them everything they both long for or tear them apart for good.

A story about childhood best friends is one of my favorite tropes and I was looking forward to another take on it set on a ranch. This book is average and all the things that make a best friend-to-lovers book special didn’t happen here. We get caught up on Easton and Wyatt and their childhoods and their friendship. We are shown some of it and are told more of it. Wyatt tries to keep it quiet that he is gay out of self-preservation and Easton is the one that has always accepted him. Easton was never interested in dating and he’s described with traits of being demisexual, although a label is never used. But, all of it feel flat and was bland for me.

It takes the men decades to get together. In between, they have other relationships, including a marriage, but those came off as plot devices to keep them apart longer as none of the relationships added interest to the story. There is a lot going on in the background of the story with family issues and medical tragedies, but there was no emotion to any of it. When the men finally do get together, it is through more unbelievably convenient plot devices that made this book seem amateur.

The author is new to me and, from what I can see, it may be a debut book. If you like trying new authors and are looking for a basic story with a slow burn that takes decades to come to realization, you might then want to check in with Wyatt and Easton.

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