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In addition to His Lordship’s Secret and His Lordship’s Master, author Samantha SoRelle has two short stories available in the His Lordship’s Mysteries series. These are extremely short, just a few pages each, but offer further insight into the relationship between Alfie and Nick. I would recommend reading them after finishing the first two novels, just for continuity purposes.

With Lord Alfie of the Mud, we are introduced to Alfie and Nick and see them in their first few moments together. Nick’s natural caregiving tendencies are on display and so is Alfie’s need for support. Alfie is quite young, barely out of toddlerhood, and it’s clear he and Nick formed a powerful bond during their time together in the workhouse. This is a time period I’d like to read more about as the few pages on offer weren’t enough.

His Lordship’s Gift takes place shortly after the end of His Lordship’s Master and definitely has to be read as follow up to that novel. It is set during Christmastime and we find Nick is desperately hunting the perfect gift for Alfie after forgetting about the holiday’s approach. His ultimate choice is practical, but not exactly the type of thing to inspire romance. It’s a sweet gesture and one that binds the two men even closer. 

Both of these stories combined won’t take you long to read, but they do offer value to the growing canon behind Alfie and Nick. There’s nothing earth shattering here; rather, they’re slices of life that fit into the broader picture and I appreciate the “ordinary” of them. There’s no murders or dastardly crimes or societal pressures, just a couple trying to find their way through life. I do wish they weren’t quite so short though. Just as I was hitting my stride while reading them, they were over. That’s the curse of short stories sometimes, but these are still worth your time. 

If you’re a fan of His Lordship’s Mysteries, then these two short stories are a perfect complement. They’re quick and sweet and offer a bit more time with Alfie and Nick. This couple continues to intrigue and I’m looking forward to their future adventures.