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Length: Novel


Daryl King was an outsider at the party of mob king, Dima. He noticed Sylvie right away and was set to make his move, until he also saw her partner, Anton. But Sylvie and Anton noticed Dar as well and set out to claim him for the night. Sylvie and Anton have been together since they were teens and, while they invite others to their bed, they always ask them to leave as well. The night with Dar is unlike any of the others, but Sylvie and Anton have rules that keep their relationship intact.

It’s been a year since that hot night with Sylvie and Anton and Dar is back in town now as Dima’s lawyer. His first assignment involves going out of town with Sylvie and Anton and Dar hasn’t forgotten the pair, but he can’t want them. However, the chemistry between the three of them is impossible to ignore and it’s clawing at them with every breath. They all give in to more intimacy that leaves them all breathless and craving more. Feelings weren’t supposed to be part of the plan and Sylvie and Anton have always guarded their relationship. But they want Dar and they just have to admit it before Dar walks away again for good.

More is a new hot novel from Avril Ashton. It is listed as book 5 in Ashton’s Run this Town series, with the first four novels originally released back in 2014/2015 and re-published last year. I read the rest of the series years ago (I would definitely recommend it) and there are a few familiar faces here as Sylvie, Anton, and then Dar work for Dima. I can’t recall if Sylvie and Anton were introduced in the earlier books, but there were times that I did fell that I was missing some things in their story.

Sylvie and Anton have the relationship that fits them best. They have been together for years and they bring a third into their bed at times, but they have rules that they follow to protect their relationship. The occasions have been rare that they allow the same third to return to their bed, but at first sight both Sylvie and Anton can’t get enough of Dar. They are hesitant to admit that maybe they need to revisit their rules.

The book is high on intimate times and sex positive as Sylvie, Anton, and Dar are all in with each other. They all feel from the start that they want more, but Sylvie and Anton don’t know how to evolve and protect their relationship and Dar has a lot of insecurities stemming from his childhood.

The trio don’t have contact for a time and then are together again, but the book moves quickly. The tension between the three of them stays high in every scene and they all struggle to figure out what a relationship between the three of them could look like.

There is not a tremendous amount of character development and Dar’s decision to work for Dima isn’t gone into in detail either. The book focuses some on Dar’s past, but mostly on figuring out the relationship between Sylvie, Anton, and Dar. Ashton writes heated intimate scenes and this book is set on the edge of the danger and not so much in the middle of it like some others in her series and it’s a great look into the intimate lives of a trio finding their way.