Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story


Wes and Finn are having a good day. Even though the weather isn’t cooperating, they are together and that’s what they like best. Finn is a successful actor and he has an important meeting later that day, but an unfortunate accident threatens to ruin more than just the meeting.

With Finn injured, Wes wants to blame himself. He doesn’t want to see Finn in any more pain, as he’s already been through enough, and when Finn hurts, Wes hurts. Wes wants to do everything he can to make Finn’s recovery easier, but Wes feels that Finn is holding something back. But the love the men have for each other is special enough and strong enough to weather any storm.

Tempests in April is a short story about Wes and Finn. The men are already in an established relationship and having been living together for some time. The love they have for each other is precious and soft and they know they want to be together forever. I liked the writing and the tone of the story, but I did wonder why it started where it did. It wasn’t until the end of the book that I saw that this is the fourth story about Wes and Finn. The book is not listed as part of a series, nor does the series appear to have a name, and I felt it was a great disservice to not have that information up front.

Finn has long standing issues from a former injury and this current accident is a set back for him. Wes is there to support him fully and they have a soft and all-encompassing love. The men did read younger than they were supposed to be as Wes is already a Ph.D., and Finn’s teen career is spoken of as something in the distant past.

I would have enjoyed this story much more had I started where Finn and Wes’ journey began. However, for a soft love story that goes down fast and smooth, laced with some turbulent times, you might want to start at book one.