over and over again audioStory Rating: 4.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Philip Alces
Length: 17 hours, 9 minutes

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When I first read Over and Over Again back in 2018, this was how I started my thoughts in the review: So, a silver fox, goat farmer, age gap story, featuring the best friend’s son? Not to mention that cover? Yes, please. And when I heard the book was coming out in audio now four years later, I was eager to read it again for all those reasons. But I can now add in what a rich, lush, romantic story Cole McCade brings, and how I am completely crushing hard on the sexy gentle giant, Imre.

This is a dad’s best friend story with a sizable age gap between goat farmer, Imre, and 19-turning-20 year old Luca. The pair knew each other when Luca was a child, but he and his family moved away and it has been ten years since Luca and Imre have seen one another. Luca has been sent to Imre’s farm by his frustrated parents who feel like he is acting out (for reasons we learn about during the story). Imre’s quiet strength and support, and the way he treats Luca like an adult rather than an unruly child, go a long way to helping Luca figure himself out. And of course, the men fall for one another along the way, with all the challenges that come from such a large age gap and the fact that Luca’s father will be furious when he finds out.

This story is intense and close, as Luca and Imre are alone together for almost the entire book. It is a long story (and a 17+ hour audio), yet it never drags. There is such a sensuous, languid tone to the story that allows the length to work. I got so immersed with these men and their building relationship, I couldn’t help but root for them. And Imre is about as dreamy a man as you could dream, all sexy silver fox with his deep rumbling voice. If you are a fan of the gentle giant trope, oh, how you will love this one. If you want to know more about the story or my thoughts, you can check out my original review.

I really enjoyed the narration here by Philip Alces. His voice is a great fit for both characters and he really brings the men to life well. Imre is of Hungarian and Roma descent, so he has a specific accent, as well as using Roma words often, and Alces handles it all smoothly. As I said, there is a languid, sensual tone to the story, and particularly to the way Imre speaks, and Alces really captures that perfectly. I think getting the tone right is essential for making this book work in audio, and Alces nails it so well. He also narrates these men in a way that showcases their characters, from Imre’s slow, rumbling cadence, to Luca’s more high-strung, intense personality.

I very much enjoyed listening to this story in audio and it was a wonderful way to revisit this book. I just love this story and really had a great time with the audio. I can highly recommend it in both formats.