Today I am so pleased to welcome Nora Phoenix to Joyfully Jay. Nora has come to talk to us about her latest release, Dragon’s Mate. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Waiting for the Right Idea to Strike

Writing is a fascinating process. Unlike a lot of other tasks, it’s not merely a matter of sitting down and getting to it. Most writers can’t force themselves to write. Sure, you can create the ideal circumstances for inspiration to hit, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

In 2020, I finished a series that was very dear to my heart, the Irresistible Omegas series, which focuses on a pack of wolf shifters. With ten books, this was a long series, and also one I poured a lot of myself in. These characters had become like family to me, and how I wished I could move into their world. So yes, saying goodbye was hard.

But I would write a spin off, I promised readers…and myself. The pack I had focused on in the series had split, so the spin off would focus on the second pack. Everyone was looking forward to it, including me.

And then it got quiet.

The characters wouldn’t talk to me.

Worse, I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted the spin off series to be about, other than about the Hightower pack. But I didn’t want to write more of the same. So I was stuck. Very, very stuck. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t write it. The idea just wasn’t there.

Until the it hit me out of nowhere. Dragons. The spin off series would be about dragons. And thus the Irresistible Dragons were born. Today, I’ve released the first book, called Dragon’s Mate.

When one of his pack members goes missing, Rhene Hightower, pack alpha of the Hightower pack, goes looking for him. All of a sudden, he sees a castle where he knows there never was one before, and that’s only the beginning of some mysterious events. In all this, he meets Erwan, and the attraction is instant. But Erwan is not a wolf shifter. But what is he?

If you’ve read the Irresistible Omegas, you’ll see a lot of familiar faces in Dragon’s Mate. Rhene Hightower, the pack alpha of the Hightower pack, is one of the main characters, but we’ll see people from the previous series pop up as well.

But if you haven’t read it, no worries. I’ve written this book in a way that doesn’t require you to read the other series first. I mean, you totally should because it’s epic, but if a ten-book series scares you, just start with Dragon’s Mate.

I hope you’ll come to love these men as much as I do. Honestly, for me it was like coming home after too long of an absence…

Below, you can read an exclusive excerpt from Dragon’s Mate!


One second, Rhene had been asleep, and the next, he stared into the barrel of a .45 Magnum that looked awfully familiar, as did the man wielding it.

“One wrong move, wolf, and your brains will be splattered all over the bed,” Baoth sneered.

Ew. Not a pretty visual to wake up to. “To what do I owe this honor?”

“Check that sarcastic attitude as well while you’re at it. I’m already way too tempted to put a bullet in you and just end the whole thing right now.”

Someone had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Sheesh. But the man was crazy enough to make good on his threat, so Rhene kept quiet.

“Get up and get dressed. The king needs to see you.”

Most people would’ve asked him to stop by, Rhene wanted to say, but mindful of the man’s earlier warning about toning down his sarcasm, he kept that to himself. Instead, he rolled out of bed with slow, deliberate movements, not wanting to set off the crazy uncle. Two minutes later, he was dressed and ready to go.

“Grand Hall, I assume?” he asked Baoth as they left his room, the gun still trained on Rhene. Not that Rhene would’ve considered doing anything stupid otherwise. Not while Erwan was still here and they didn’t know what was going on. He would protect his mate at all costs.

“Courtyard.” Boath’s eyes gleamed. “We have something more public planned for you.”

He didn’t like the sound of that at all, but what could he do? What was the man up to, and more importantly, what had set him and the king off? It had to have been something he’d done. Or maybe something new they had learned. Had they discovered Rhene and Erwan had gotten access to the library?

His brain raced as Baoth led him to the courtyard, where the early-morning sun peeped over the tall walls. Ten guards stood in a half circle, raising their weapons as soon as Rhene walked up. It gave the appearance of a firing squad, and his stomach clenched. What the hell was going on? Knowing how little honor they had and how far they had gone to hide the shame of what they’d done made things only worse. After their betrayal, would they hesitate to harm or kill a wolf? He voted for no.

The king stepped into the half circle, his eyes glowing red with anger. Rhene swallowed. Shit. He’d definitely done something to piss off the king. Something big, by the looks of it.

The man didn’t make him wait for it long. “One of the servants saw you come out of my son’s room at midnight, barely dressed.”


dragon's mate coverOne dragon. One wolf. And they’re both alphas. Surely Fate must’ve messed up.

After spending the last two hundred years locked up in the family castle with his three younger brothers, Erwan is climbing the walls. Literally. He’s a dragon who isn’t allowed to fly, forbidden to use his magic, all to stay hidden from the rest of the world. How will he ever find his mate like this?

But when he finds an injured omega in the woods around the castle and brings him home, the spell that kept them hidden is broken. Erwan’s father is furious—not that that’s anything new. The man has basically been angry all Erwan’s life, though why, he doesn’t know.

When wolf pack alpha Rhene comes a-knocking to demand the omega back, Erwan is shocked by what Fate whispers in his ear. Then again, the same is true for Rhene. Neither one of them imagined their mate quite like this.

Two alphas? A dragon and a wolf? How on earth could that possibly work?

But they have bigger problems. It turns out Erwan’s father is hiding more than a surly attitude. Much more. Like an old connection with the wolves and a betrayal that runs so deep, it could tear Erwan and Rhene apart.

Dragon’s Mate is the first book in the Irresistible Dragons series. This is a spin off from the Irresistible Omegas series, but you don’t need to have read that to enjoy these two as they find their way into love. The love story ends with an HEA but the suspense plot will continue in the next book.

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