Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


It’s been years since Jen has been back to Springhill, Texas, the small town where she grew up. There were days as a teenager that she couldn’t wait to get out and she now has a successful career in a larger city as a paralegal, but her heart still lives in Springhill because that’s where Keith is. Now, Jen is back in Springhill living in the house she grew up in all because Keith called her back. Keith was the first boy Jen loved and the first boy she gave everything to. Keith also opened up the submissive side to Jen, but then Keith called everything off. Jason was also within their close group of friends and he lit Jen up as well, but when Jason put a halt to their intimate moment, Jen was left confused over him too.

When Jen sees Keith again, all of the feelings are still there. Jen doesn’t know how to trust Keith, but she also doesn’t know how to say no to him. And then there’s Jason, who is certainly not a teen anymore. Jen knows there is more to their story than she was ever told and she soon realizes that Keith and Jason are in love with each other…but are they also in love with her as well? Keith, Jason, and Jen have a lot to figure out and while the town might say their relationship is wrong, when the three of them are together, nothing has ever felt so right.

When I first started this book, I wasn’t sure where it was going to go or if it was going to be for me, as the opening scene has Keith in a dominant role in a BDSM scene and drinking alcohol. About all I could see in the scene is that he has a partner in a submissive role and Keith is chugging back Crown and Coke. I had to take a large step over that to then consider reading on.

The book is an interesting story with all-encompassing dialogue and emotion of the need that Jen, Keith, and Jason have for each other. It’s a bit complicated because we don’t get the full story. In that opening scene, we don’t know who Keith’s partner is, but if you read the blurb, it’s clear. After that, we get snippets of the trio’s past history, but we do not get any backstory on Keith and Jason’s relationship, which has been going on for the past 15 years. We are told some of it and we are told how Keith fought against the realization that he is bisexual, but we are only told how Jason and Keith feel about each other and that was a missed opportunity as the book revolves around the sexual tension between the three of them and the tension between them as couples.

Jen is back in town to manage a museum of the town’s history that Keith has renovated. The group used to visit there often as teens and the place always made Jen uncomfortable. This ties into a decades-long story of Jen’s childhood best friend, Rylee, and there was a lot of build up to the museum and Rylee’s story, but the ultimate reveal on both these areas was lacking. There might be more to this story in the next book, however.

The sexual tension between the Jen, Keith, and Jason is the focal point here. There were areas where weeks or months would pass by and conversations that needed to happen that we don’t get to see. The book ends with a “to be continued” note and while my reading tastes did want more depth and cohesiveness to some areas of the book, I am invested in the trio to want to read the rest of their story.