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Being an assistant to two hot men has its perks and Chloe enjoys looking at them. But she is engaged, and Alec and Lachlan have been in a relationship for years—many years longer than Chloe even knows. Accompanying Alec and Lachlan on a business trip to Scotland should be a dream for Chloe, but she sees her boyfriend cheating on her in the airport. Chloe is devastated, but Alex and Lachlan are there to make her feel better.

Chloe doesn’t know a lot of things about Alec and Lachlan—she doesn’t know they have desired her since they met her, she doesn’t know she is also their mate, and she doesn’t know they aren’t human. Chloe finds herself in the middle of a centuries old battle with a species on the verge of extinction and she still can’t make sense of what she’s seeing. She also finds herself between two hot Scottish men and the heat between them all may be too much for Chloe to handle without getting burned.

Kiss of Smoke is a fun book that’s walks the line between being an erotic story and being an adult fairy tale, with a long-standing history built in. It’s a contemporary book that draws from a story of ancient lore and starts one way and finishes another. As the book opens, Chloe is planning her wedding, which is weeks away, but you can already tell there are cracks in her relationship. When everything blows up, it’s Alec and Lachlan that are there for her.

Alec and Lachlan have been together for a long time—a really long time. Their bond is otherworldly and they never tire of each other. The chemistry between them is intense and they change roles with each other as they know instinctively what the other needs. Lachlan is more resistant than Alec to finding out he has a human mate, which gets tied into his story.

This is a fast read. There is a large backstory to Alec and Lachlan’s history and we get some of it and there is also a lot of time spent with the two men together and then them with Chloe. I did appreciate that when Chloe does find out about Alec and Lachlan that she does need time to process things that she never thought would be possible.

The ending of the book was too rushed for me and there was too much storyline introduced for how it was all handled. I would have also liked to know why the men let Chloe’s engagement and wedding planning continue. Chloe finds out a lot about herself and a lot about the men and a lot about the world around her and it all made for an interesting story, but then it never went anywhere. This is the first book in a series, but since the next book is about another triad, I am not sure how much more, if any, of the overall arc will be expanded upon.

There is dragon shifting and the men do exhibit traits of dragons, which is fun. Along with Scottish accents and plenty of high heat, Kiss of Smoke is a diversion worth spending time with.

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