Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella


Gabriel has lived his life on the island of Saint Martin. He loves the pace and the setting. He could do without the storms, as the hotel he owns took a beating in the last hurricane and Gabriel is working on renovations. He hires an American designer, Jackson, for the interior work and from the moment the men meet, the heat gets a lot hotter in the tropics.

Jackson is known for his interior designs and he likes his job, but he’s burnt out. Life in Los Angeles is fast and work is never ending. He takes the job in the islands so he can still work while also taking a much needed break. Gabriel is everything Jackson didn’t know he needed as he never planned to settle down, and Gabriel is hesitant to get involved with a man that travels so much as he has gotten burned before. Fate has put them in each other’s path at the exact right time, but they will have to get through the storm to get to their happy ever after in the sun.

If you are looking for a quick escape to the tropics, you can meet up with Jackson and Gabriel on Saint Martin. This is a shorter book and the relationship is fast for these guys. Gabriel is stressed about the renovations he needs to still make to his hotel after a storm, but one look at Jackson and he thinks about all the ways he can relieve that stress. The guys are into each other from first sight, but distance and fear of getting hurt keep them at an emotional distance, though getting close physically is easy for the men.

There is less relationship development here due to the length of the book and much of their connection does seem to be based off their physical chemistry. They make life changes quickly and the men walk off into the tropical sunset with relative ease. If you go into this one knowing it’s a shorter book without all of the details, it’s a fun story to see Jackson and Gabriel start their life together.