Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


Austin is thrilled to be living in the small town of Dahlia Springs, Oregon and running a brewery with his three best friends. As the master brewer, Austin has a lot of pressure on him to create the brews. He also puts extra pressure on himself to take on as much work as he possibly can since he didn’t have a monetary contribution to make to the business up front. Austin’s past romantic partners have all told him that he works too much and Austin hasn’t found the one yet.

Caleb is new to Dahlia Springs and his food truck supports him. He wants to open a restaurant in town and has found the perfect spot, but he can’t seem to secure the lease. The chemistry between Caleb and Austin is a perfect blend, but Austin doesn’t seem to like chefs. Teaming up for a prestigious food and brew competition keeps the men spending lots of time together and while the food and drink might be the perfect pairing, it’s clear that it’s the men that truly make the perfect match.

A group of friends that have created their own family open a brewery in a small town. This sounded like a set up I enjoy, but there was more about the book that didn’t work for me. The set up was cute, if not predictable, with Austin and Caleb meeting in a larger town, having a connection, but then letting the opportunity pass them by. Dahlia Springs has always been home to Austin and Caleb has a connection to the town through his mother and they meet again there.

The dialogue in the book didn’t work for me overall and it felt like it was trying too hard. The conversations were filled with all the current and trendy phrases mostly seen on social media and while some of that is okay, people do not talk like this or think like this all the time.

Austin has a backstory that involves his parents and it has affected his life in every way and it’s referenced a lot during the course of the book, but the resolution to that at the end fell flat for me and his father became a caricature. Alex and Caleb say they are not getting involved, but then of course they can’t keep their hands off of each other and the chemistry for this wasn’t there for me either.

Austin’s group of friends do have a strong bond, but they seemed interchangeable to me. We learn about their positions in the brewery almost in a list fashion and they didn’t stand out on their own much from each other and they will all have their own stories. The guys also have a group text that is designed to add some comedy, but I have seen this style before done better.

Pitcher Perfect has a good premise, but too many issues made this not a good fit for me.