Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Nick Adore just wants to be left alone. As a blood witch, he’s coveted by the powerful, but after years as a captive slave, he has no interest in serving anyone. Which is why he’s been hiding from the local king, refusing his summons and keeping to himself. But no good deed goes unpunished and when Nick helps a woman in trouble, the fallout drags him into the path of Conri Baist, an attractive, cocky man who, as king, is used to getting exactly what he wants. And he wants Nick. 

But Conri has other issues. A police investigation has determined that Conri is involved in a local murder, even though he had nothing to do with it. His club comes under attack and his enforcers start disappearing. It’s all adding up to someone threatening Conri’s control of the city and a blood witch would help him immeasurably. Convincing Nick that he won’t be hurt and won’t be stripped of his freedoms is easier said than done. And when Conri’s desire for a blood witch evolves into a desire for Nick himself, both men must wrestle with trusting one another and staying alive long enough to consider a future together. 

The Blood Witch was a quick read with strong pacing, but an ultimately frustrating story that failed to balance out either character or to establish strong world building. 

When reading The Blood Witch, I felt as though I was dropped into a story that was already in progress. As a result, I was off balance and found myself struggling to adjust to the plot and figure out exactly what was happening. The information we’re given about the world Nick and Conri are living in is pretty minimal, which was problematic because there are rules and regulations regarding shifters/magic and they simply aren’t explained well. The pacing is definitely strong, as the book moves along at a quick clip. There was no lagginess or delay in the action, which I appreciated. 

Conri and Nick were fine as characters. Neither was particularly strong and I didn’t fully connect with them as a couple, but they weren’t one dimensional either. Their romance was barely a romance and more of a lust driven pursuit by Conri. Nick spends most of the book either not liking Conri or flat out wanting nothing to do with him. The end result is a romance that feels in name only and there is no real relationship here. 

The Blood Witch was fast paced, but failed to achieve any complex world building. Additionally, the main characters, while developed, had little chemistry and their relationship was decidedly lacking. I can’t say The Blood Witch truly worked for me. I just needed better scaffolding to support the story and its characters.