Today I am so pleased to welcome Raquel Riley to Joyfully Jay. Raquel has come to talk to us about her latest release, Hopeless For You. She has also brought along a great giveaway! Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Exclusive Excerpt

Chapter 4 Griffin’s POV

I knew it!

When Cyan stepped into the hall I overheard his conversation. I knew Lucky had started Lucky Match, his own escort service, but I only had an inkling of who his escorts might be. Now, I’d confirmed it. The way Cyan answered the phone told me exactly who he worked for. I assume he hightailed it out of my dorm because he had a date. Whoever they were, they were in for a treat because Cyan Morrison was a tasty snack. His dark wavy hair and rugged face would appeal to anyone.

He checked every one of my boxes. He was like the perfect mix of everything, and then those eyes! They were as clear and blue as the Caribbean Sea. But it was his personality that really appealed to me. Cyan wasn’t mean or loud and opinionated. He wasn’t judgmental or egotistical. He was genuine and nice and funny. During my most embarrassing moment, he stayed cool and calm. I knew he was laughing with me, not at me. And he didn’t try to make a move on me when I changed my clothes. But not because he thought I wasn’t worthy of making moves on. It was because I’d made my intentions clear, and he respected them.

That was so hot!

I fired up my laptop and opened the document I’d been working on. A draft of my review of the latest book I’d been reading, a steamy historical romance about an unruly girl and her piano teacher, filled the blank screen. Even as a gay gay, I had to admit her deflowering scene was pretty hot. That was exactly what I wanted, the perfect night, just like Amelia got. Stars and music, dancing, romancing. A man who wanted to take his time with me and make my magical night last for hours. I’d waited twenty-one years for one of these men… Still waiting. I’d probably die waiting at this rate. I might need to go to greater lengths to realize my dream.

As I typed the last few lines of the review and hit post, it occurred to me I did need to take action to make it happen. My fate was in my hands. I might never find the kind of man I was looking for, but I could certainly hire one to pretend to be him for one night. I could hire an escort for one magical evening. I’d pay him to pretend to be the man from my fantasies who wanted to give me his time, attention, and affection for a few blissful hours of passionate lovemaking.

In my head, I could pretend that it would be real, and because I was paying him, I wouldn’t have to worry about someone giving me their honest reactions. Like laughing because my body wasn’t muscular enough. Or making fun of me because I had zero sexual experience. Or my worst fear, evaluating the size of my dick. Even if I gave the worst blow job of the man’s life, I wanted him to pretend it was amazing. I was willing to pay for him to look upon me with desire, like I was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Hiring someone ensured they’d follow my instructions to the letter. I wanted all the sweet fluffy pillow talk and the compliments. I especially wanted to include the part where they lay me gently down on the bed and kissed their way down my body, just like in my books. I wanted to feel all swoony and dizzy with passion. And lots of kisses! Most importantly, when it was over, I wanted to be sure they’d stick around and hold me for a while and tell me how wonderful it felt to be inside of me. And how they would never forget this night as long as they lived.


Hopeless For you coverHearts For Hire, Book 2

Cyan is hired to tutor Griffin in the ways of love. He never expects to become the student. Will their lessons lead to the real thing?

Griffin Clarke

A twenty-one year old virgin college freshman? Yeah, that’s me. But I haven’t waited this long to just throw it away. I dream of the perfect romantic night, straight out of one of my favorite novels. So, I hired a professional to get the job done right. There’s just one hitch; Cyan isn’t the playboy I expected. He’s so much more.

Cyan Morrison

I’ve been described as easygoing, charming, and a natural-born flirt. It’s for those reasons I’m one of Lucky Match’s most sought-after escorts. It’s also why Griffin Clarke wants to gift wrap his V-card and present it to me on a silver platter. Being with him changes everything I thought I knew about myself. He helps me realize I’m more than just the pretty playboy everyone else sees. The trick is to make him want to stick around, but he seems to only want one thing from me: love lessons. How can I make him believe he has more to learn than I can teach him in only one night?

Hopeless For You is a gay male escort romance with an HEA. This sweet heat, friends to lovers story features spicy love lessons, first times, well-meaning friends with terrible advice, and found family.


raquel riley avatarRaquel Riley is a native of South Florida but now calls North Carolina home. She is an avid reader and loves to travel. Most often, she writes gay romance stories with an HEA but characters of all types can be found in her books. Raquel weaves pieces of herself, her family, and her travels into every story she writes.

Stop by her author page on for exclusive updates, new releases, and excerpts of her current work in progress. You can also visit Raquel and her characters from Cooper’s Cove in her Facebook reader group Raquel Riley’s Romantics.

Find her on Instagram @authorraquelriley.

Listen to playlists inspired by Raquel’s books on her YouTube channel.

See Raquel’s character inspiration and visual storyboards on Pinterest. @Raquel Riley

Watch Raquel’s TikTok videos and book reviews. @raquelrileyMMauthor


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