Today I am so pleased to welcome B. Harmony to Joyfully Jay. B. has come to talk to us about a new release, Just Enough (Enough Series #2). Please join me in giving a big welcome!

Exclusive Excerpt

No, the only enlightenment I’m receiving is how badly I want Cody for myself, how fucking stupid I am for it, and how close I am to coming with hardly any effort.

It’s all too easy to imagine Cody’s fingers dancing across my skin rather than the sub in front of him.

Even though the touches from Cody aren’t sexual, the intimacy and love between the Dom and his partner kneeling on the floor are floating through this room like smoke. I’m not the only one surrendering to the erotic atmosphere being built between their heated looks and soft words of praise.

I need to walk away.

One foot in front of the other.

I can do this.

I manage to peel my eyes away from the scene and turn toward the open doorway. As I reach the threshold, I take one last look over my shoulder. Cody is leaning close to the Dom, whispering in his ear.

I can only imagine what his warm breath must feel like as it dances across his skin.

Okay, enough.

Forcefully, I whip my head forward and stride out of the room. The second I reach the hall, I inhale a deep lungful of air. Then another. And another, until I can no longer feel the weight of need drowning me.

I feel lightheaded, either from the rushed oxygen intake or the denial of a desperately needed orgasm. Fighting the temptation to about-face and return to the playroom, I straighten my spine, moving my feet as quickly as possible to head anywhere but back there.

B. Harmony teaser


A Dom and a Rigger walk into a bar…

Sounds like the start of a good joke, but for Cody and me, it’s grounds for friendship and nothing more.

Anything else would require acknowledging the barriers between us and the desires we keep hidden.

Invisible scars of war meet impenetrable walls of distrust. An impasse neither of us knows how to overcome until a newbie walks through the doors of The Garden.

Oakley finds himself in need of rescuing and a fair amount of guidance, a challenge Cody and I are willing to accept. But once we begin, it’s clear there is more between us than just lessons.

Emotions are building, walls are crumbling, and the three of us are all scrambling for purchase in a dynamic we never expected to find.

Will the three of us be able to find happiness together, or will we be forced to accept our lives as Just Enough?


B. Harmony is an MM romance author with a penchant for writing about boys who kiss boys, rock music, and headbanging. Pretty obvious with the last name Harmony, right?

With survival instincts fueled by iced coffee and enough swear words to rival any sailor, B. Harmony somehow manages to produce (mostly sweet) contemporary MM romance with plenty of steam.

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