Today I am so pleased to welcome M.D. Grimm to Joyfully Jay. M.D. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Sapphire: Home and Abroad by M.D. Grimm. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Good day lovely readers! Thank you for joining me. I am M.D. Grimm and I am here to promote my newest release, “Sapphire: Home and Abroad.” This is the latest entry in The Stones of Power. I am overjoyed and relieved to finally release a new book in this series. After re-publishing back titles, I can now work on new projects. So, if you like magic, surly, anti-hero mages (wizards), and a fun setting with quirky supporting characters, this series might be for you!

I have come to believe that a story just isn’t a good story without visceral secondary characters. Protagonists shouldn’t live in a void. And who doesn’t love that quirky best friend or the meddling mother? Without even meaning to, I somehow created a menagerie of secondary characters to populate my world as Morgorth and Aishe run around doing heroic things.

An important part about making secondary characters feel as real as the main characters is making sure to give a sense of a life “off page.” We don’t want secondary characters to only exist to support the protags. Even Morgorth’s minions, the vicious boygles and the dumb stone gargoyles that roost on his towers, should have a semblance of life beyond the main action of the story. Sometimes I think about what the seconds are doing either between books or off page, just so I know where they are in life when I need them to join the main action. A lot of such notes don’t end up in the story itself, but it helps me keep track.

It was unavoidable that these secondary characters would also influence the actions and emotions of the protags. That is probably the most vital part of creating “real” characters—they have to make an impact on the story and/or on the protags. Morgorth and Aishe wouldn’t be who they were without the folks that surround them. Through Aishe, Morgorth was able to open up his heart and allow himself to accept those around him. He had to be convinced to trust and that it was a good thing to trust. As for Aishe, he grew up in a close-knit community, and regaining that feeling of belonging has made him feel more at home with Morgorth.

One of the major examples of a good, impactful secondary character is Elissya. She was Morgorth’s first lover and fellow student of Master Ulezander before becoming his friend. She pops up now and then throughout the series until making a prolonged appearance in book eight, as it turns out she’s started courting Morgorth’s brother, Olyvre. And she has more parts to play as the series progresses.

Olyvre was introduced in book five and has made frequent appearances since then. He’s the only one of Morgorth’s brothers that Morgorth remembers fondly, and is a decent man, a single-father who owns acres of farmland. He’s just an average guy trying to make it in the world until Morgorth shows up and unintentionally yanks him into a world of politics and magick and dangers. And with him goes his young daughter, Lyli. Despite Morgorth’s efforts to remain aloof, he starts to bond with the girl.

Then of course there is Morgorth’s mentor, Master Ulezander, who had done much in his long life, most of which Morgorth knows nothing about. What an adventure that mage’s story would be! He made, perhaps, the biggest impact on Morgorth’s life, by saving him, training him, nurturing him. Being a father figure when Morgorth needed a guide. And despite their estrangement, he continues to support and guide a reluctant Morgorth.

Let’s not forget Enfernlo, Morgorth’s payshtha’s friend (my version of dragons), as well as his other minions, the intelligent wolf-like beasts, the wichtln, and their alpha, Grekel. I have more in store for that big puppy! Or the villagers living in Happy Valley, the small town inside Morgorth’s territory. He went from frightening them to grudging fondness, to having them host his bondmate (wedding) ceremony! How did that happen?

The Stones of Power 1-8 are available for purchase at Amazon (also in print!) and Smashwords. I have a newsletter that I send out monthly with all the goodies you can expect in the future. That’s the best way to find out about my current and future projects.

For fans of the Saga of the Bold People series, I just finished the first draft of “Resistance,” book 3. I hope to release it October 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I am also booked (pun intended) solid this year, working on the next shifter book, the next Stones of Power book, a couple single titles, and the next On Wings Saga book. Wish me luck!

More information on my catalog can be found at my website.

I hope you stay safe and healthy, and may dragons guard your dreams,

M.D. Grimm


sapphire: home and abroad coverThe time has come.

The Dark Mage, Lord Morgorth, and Aishe of the Ravena Tribe, are to become bondmates.

Morgorth is equal parts nervous and excited. He wants to unite with Aishe in the sacred dialen ceremony, to proclaim their devotion to the world, to show everyone that Aishe is his equal and deserving of respect. After all they’ve survived together, why shouldn’t they make the cosmic promise before friends and family? But duty must often come before pleasure. When Morgorth’s estranged mentor, Master Ulezander, comes to him with a time-sensitive mission involving a major stone of power, Morgorth has little choice but to acquiesce.

Aishe knows his mate struggles with the revelation of his true destiny, after a lifetime of defining himself as the future Destroyer of Karishian. All he can do is reassure Morgorth that being the Savior is a far better fate for both of them. But as Morgorth and Aishe leap through worlds and dimensions in pursuit of a stone of power, more pieces to the puzzle of Morgorth’s destiny are revealed. And they form an image of sacrifice and tragedy.

The dark cloud of an ancient enemy looms ever closer, and the path to becoming the Savior might prove more monstrous than that of the Destroyer.

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M.D. Grimm has wanted to write stories since second grade (kind of young to make life decisions, but whatever) and nothing has changed since then (well, plenty of things actually, but not that!). Thankfully, she has indulgent parents who let her dream, but also made sure she understood she’d need a steady job to pay the bills (they never let her forget it!). After graduating from the University of Oregon and majoring in English, (let’s be honest: useless degree, what else was she going to do with it?) she started on her writing career and couldn’t be happier. Working by day and writing by night (or any spare time she can carve out), she enjoys embarking on romantic quests and daring adventures (living vicariously, you could say) and creating characters that always triumph against the villain, (or else what’s the point?) finding their soul mate in the process.

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