Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


Noah is thrilled to be away at university. He’s ready to make a new life for himself away from what was an uncomfortable high school experience. But just at the start of the year, Noah crashes into someone’s car—a hot angry someone—and the guys hate each other immediately. However, it turns out that the car belongs to one of Noah’s new housemates, Liam. Noah was looking forward to getting away from football players (American soccer), but not only is Liam on the team, but all of Noah’s housemates are as well.

The tension between Noah and Liam is dialed up from the start. Noah doesn’t want to be attracted to Liam, but he can’t help it. He knows it’s a disaster waiting to happen because Liam says he is straight. But one kiss flips the story and Noah realizes that Liam wants him just as much. But Liam hasn’t allowed himself to consider the possibility that he could be bisexual, and he wants to be with Noah only as long as no one else knows. Noah isn’t going to be someone’s secret forever and if Liam wants to hold onto to him, he’ll have to come to terms with who he is and what he wants.

Blindsided is listed as a standalone and the first book in the LSU series. Yet, one of the housemates and their storyline is from one of Steele’s previous books, Savage Rivals, and parts of this story came off as already in progress, which is frustrating.

After that, this story is a familiar set up with one main character being out and ready for a relationship and the other coming to terms with being bisexual. Noah and Liam have tension from the start as they are involved in a car accident, but since the attraction is there from the start as well, they didn’t come off as enemies to me. Liam wants to be with Noah when it is convenient for him and when no one else can see them together and even after a bad experience in high school, Noah goes back to Liam each time.

The guys then get caught in a loop of hooking up and then Liam ignoring Noah for days afterward. Their story plays out as expected with Liam being jealous until he finally has to come to terms with what he wants. The epilogue takes them a few years into the future, but the tone of it was the same as the rest of the story and wasn’t developed enough for me. Noah and Liam’s story didn’t show me anything I haven’t seen many times already and I am ready for a fresher storyline.

Joyfully Jay