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Call Me Sweetheart is the second book in the Sugar and Sin series. It is a continuing story and the books are meant to be read in order.

Jason found everything he needed in Springhill, Texas when he met Keith and Jen. Jason and Keith were together for years in secret as neither the families nor the town would support their relationship. When Jen moved back to town, the spark continued to ignite between the three of them. But as much as Jason wants a life with Keith and Jen and their daughters, he’s not ready to be unconventional in a small town. When Jason moves to the other side of the country, it’s difficult for all of them and the ache to be together continues to grow. Now, Jason is back in Springhill, except someone is not happy and is stalking Jen.

Keith and Jen want Jason back in their relationship and in their bed and they are ready for their secrets to be exposed. But with Jen in constant danger, someone may want to make sure that the three of them do not get the happy ever after they so desperately crave.

Call Me Sweetheart picks up after Call Me Sugar and while Keith and Jen are still together, it’s been five years since Jason has been part of their intimate relationship. He visits often to see his daughter, but he keeps as much distance as he can from Keith and Jen and none of them are truly happy. The story here continues from the first book with the relationships and the museum, which was the reason Jen came back to town. Jen and Keith are happy together, but the ache for Jason to be a part of their relationship as well never ends.

I like the premise of this story, but the execution faltered for me in several areas. There is a stalker storyline introduced that didn’t work for me. Not only is the stalker immediately apparent, but the whole story behind it wasn’t developed enough. Which is my general issue with the book overall with storylines not being developed enough. I kept expecting there to be more of a story to the museum and Jen’s friend Rylee. The storyline with Jen’s family and then Jason’s family was underdeveloped as well and while we get Jason’s point of view here, his reasons for staying away could have also been developed more. Many of the ongoing storylines were wrapped up too easily, there were also many repetitive thoughts and descriptions, and I felt the story went around and around too much before moving on.

Jen, Keith, and Jason had an interesting story, but a lack of details and development of the storyline and characters made this end to their story not as satisfying as I would have liked.

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