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A K-pop idol with an awakening dragon within

A vampire who is not dead

Sparks fly when they meet



I saw him in semi-darkness. My prey was so beautiful. So alluring. Tousled, wavy dark hair obscuring his closed eyes. Thick, long lashes making half moons above his high cheekbones. Lips that were dark red from a touch of rouge. His body moved sensuously with the music. Unhurried, languid, and expressive.


Had I ever gone against a vampire so ancient? The strength I sensed in him was intoxicating. Of course, it didn’t help that he ticked all my boxes. Tall, toned body with the face of an angel. Long, wavy, dark hair with hints of auburn highlights that I could run my hands through. His green eyes were sinfully large with long thick eyelashes, his nose long and straight, his skin flawless, and… he had these lips that looked infinitely kissable.

Sanang is a K-pop group composed of five idols with special abilities that fight against dark creatures. This is the first book in the Sanang series.

One of the great things about reviewing books is that I get to read a lot of different things. I always try and read new-to-me authors and different genres and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Dragon Awakening is one of those times that it didn’t work out for me.

This book is a spin off from the author’s previous series and I would have liked to have known that from the start. The main characters’ relationship is new to this book, but some of the characters and a larger plot line felt like a continuing story.

I also couldn’t get a great read on these characters. Sen is a living vampire, as he was born a vampire and not made, and his kind are rare. There is some kind of war going on that I felt linked back to an earlier book and part of his story felt already in progress. Mireu is a vampire hunter. He also has a dragon inside of him. He’s not a dragon shifter (and there is a glossary of characters and their abilities and he is not listed as a dragon shifter) and I didn’t understand the dragon inside of him. By the 40% mark, which is where I stopped reading, the backstory of why Mireu was a vampire hunter or the reference to his dragon wasn’t clear yet.

Mireu is also in a K-pop group, but it felt just like any other vehicle for there to be a bunch of guys together. We are told he is in the group and we meet the group, but through the point I read, it could have been any collection of guys. The men in the band all have some kind of supernatural powers, which isn’t explained in the part I read, and I would have liked more information on how they all fit together sooner in the story, if it even was explained at all.

The relationship between Mireu and Sen is an instalove, fated mates connection that starts in the first chapter, which can work great for me, but I needed more in that area as well to pull that storyline together.

If you are familiar with this author’s other series and enjoy the style of the writing that could then be a reason to check this one out.

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