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Length: Novella


Dmitri “Dima” Petrov is one of a set of identical triplet dragon shifters. He works as a firefighter, which is handy since he can’t be burned. Dima’s been alive a long time, and he has heard rumors about fated mates, but never anticipated finding his on fire from hell. Dima is working a fire in a supposedly abandoned factory, but instead, he finds young shifter men being held against their will to be raped or forced into porn. One of them set the blaze, and Dima is struck immediately when he rescues Kam that he MUST maintain contact. Kam is young and lovely, despite the scenario of his captivity. When the rescued men need shelter, Dima immediately offers to house Kam, for as long as he needs any support. Because Dima is sure that pull he sensed is an indication that Kam is meant to be his mate. Still, Dima wants to woo Kam a bit, so he’s not too skittish to settle into the idea of forever.

Kam is a lot younger than Dima, and he’s shook about falling into a trap set to capture pretty young paranormals for exploitation. The pull between the men seems legit, though, and Kam loves how strong and sexy Dima is. And, well, Kam’s dog Ducky just adores Dima, so that’s a good sign. But Kam isn’t one for being kept, and he wants justice for himself and the others who were captured. Will Dima be able to provide the security Kam needs, and why does he need this virtual stranger so badly?

Dragon of Fire is the first novella in a paranormal series where shifters, werewolves, and other paranormal entities are known to exist. It’s a short and sexy read, with just the beginning of the sex trafficking storyline revealed. Dima is gone for Kam virtually on sight, but his slow-ish approach allows Kam to weather his trauma while experiencing a captivating first love. It was interesting that Kam didn’t know his own true nature until he and Dima had connected. Their bond grows quickly, as fated mates’ romances are wont to do. The induction of Kam’s powers are a nice twist to the romance, as if he just needed the right spark to light his magical fire.

I expect that one or both of Dima’s brothers will find their mates while the whole gruesome business is unraveled in the next two books. I’m intrigued by the brotherhood angle and the mystery plot arc, though I think it was a loosely developed part of this particular story. Now that we know Dima’s brothers — Alexi, the artist and Nikolai, a real estate dealer — we will likely push ahead with the trafficking plot quickly. If you like fated mates paranormal romance, with lots of sexytimes and non-mpreg knotting, you will likely enjoy this one.

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