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Length: Novel


TJ is thrilled that is job has sent him to England for a year to write. While the financial market might not be his passion, writing is, and living In England is exactly what he wants as he has fond memories of visiting years ago with his family. TJ’s first night there he meets the hottest guy he has ever seen and although TJ wants to keep everything casual, Jude is all he can see, and their first kiss is magic. But when TJ goes to move into his new place the next day, it’s Jude who will be his new roommate.

Jude works as a book seller, but his passion is acting and he’s constantly auditioning to get his big break. He has no idea how he is going to resist TJ and he not only likes how the man looks, he also likes everything about him. Having a casual fling doesn’t really work when you’re living with your crush and the guys decide to be roommates only. But the chemistry between them is insane and it’s only a matter of time before one of them breaks. Their happiness is fleeting as the men have less time together than they thought and Jude and TJ’s story may just be about the one that got away.

TJ and Jude’s story starts the new Hopelessly Bromantic duet. To lead into the series, the author put out a free prequel, Shameless Flirt, that is available in ebook and audio. The prequel sets up TJ’s move to England and his and Jude’s first meeting and it’s a fun way to get into the series (the audio is great), although it is not necessary to read it to enjoy this book.

I have read many of Blakely’s books and this one has a familiar vibe with an American and a British character. There is also lots of flirting, great chemistry, fun banter, and longing and pining that goes on for years. The book opens in a present-day scene and then goes back seven years in the past, but at the end of the book, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where in their timeline the prologue was set in and I didn’t find the flashback to be effective here.

Both men say they don’t want a relationship, and although it’s clear the men are destined for each other, there are many obstacles in their way. The chemistry the men had at the start of the book was great, but then it came to a full stop as they decided they had to be platonic roommates. The chemistry then had to be built back upon again and as soon as it was, it then got pulled back again, so you have to want to go with that style. I had to go with the fact that TJ’s job would send him to another country for work and then force him to have an unknown roommate. I would have liked if Jude sounded more authentically British, as adding in some well placed words like “mate” and “flat” didn’t offer a true representation.

The men then don’t have contact with each other for seven years. During that time, they do date others and I didn’t fully understand how they were ready to commit to all the wrong people when they wouldn’t commit to the right one. Those seven years do pass quickly in the book and we get an overview of those years and how TJ and Jude never forgot each other. A pact made years ago brings the men back together again, but there is no conclusion yet for these men and their story will continue on in the next book in the duet. I can’t wait for them to find their way to their HEA as they are great together, but many of their choices are incredibly frustrating.

There is drama and angst to be found here with some sizzling chemistry as TJ and Jude find their way to each other time and again.