Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Echo grew up in Evermore with the angels, but he never fit in. When he was found abandoned as a baby, his adoptive angel parents, Jupiter and Fiona, wanted to raise him and Echo was given wings. Life in Evermore was different for Echo and even though his parents took care of him, he grew up without friends and was looked over and talked about by the other angels. Now, his wings are turning black and Echo is scared and has no idea what is happening to him. Echo has never gone on assignment out of Evermore, but he is told he has to be near humans to stop his decline.

Just before he leaves, however, Echo’s memory is erased and replaced with another. The new memories don’t fit and Echo still has fleeting memories of his old life and he has no idea how to navigate the human world. The life Echo steps into allows him a portfolio of businesses and he finds a group of friends who want to help him. He also meets Kai and falls in love. But Echo’s life is not his own and when his memories start coming back, so do his ailments, and Echo may not survive to have the life with Kai he so desperately wants.

This book had an interesting premise, but right from the start, it didn’t work for me. We meet Echo in Evermore where he has a job and parents that love him, but he is not happy. Life as an angel isn’t shown to be all that great and Echo has endured a life of baseline bullying that no one ever put a stop to. The story then gets all kinds of confusing from there and never got back on track for me.

Echo was given wings as a baby, and it took some piecing together to realize that he was always human, and now those wings are deteriorating and so is Echo. It wasn’t clear what was happening to Echo and why his memory had to be erased and whose life he stepped into, even by the end of the book. The angel, Michael, is the one that insists Echo leave Evermore, but Michael’s character isn’t fully realized either. Echo then meets a lot of people. Once he leaves Evermore, character after character is introduced when I was still trying to figure out what Echo’s story was going to be. Echo is completely lost and caught between two lives and his angel father, Jupiter, spies on him every day to make sure he is okay, but even Jupiter has no idea what is planned for Echo.

The book then wanders on with Echo trying to make this new life fit and falling in love for the first time with Kai. At the end of the book, it still wasn’t clear why Echo had to leave Evermore, what the true story was with his wings, and why the book ended like it did. There wasn’t a lot I liked about this one as the writing was often stilted and there was a true lack of details to make this a cohesive story.