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Length: Novel


In 1815, Roman was dying on a battlefield when a shadow stepped in and offered to end his pain if Roman promised to stay by his side. Luc turned Roman into a vampire and, for years, Roman and Luc were the best of friends and Roman helped ease Luc’s loneliness of an eternal life. But after a tragedy, Roman has been fleeing Luc for decades and any hold that Luc had left on humanity is fleeting. Which is how Roman winds up near Danny and the pull to the younger man is like nothing Roman has ever felt.

Danny works as much as he can as an ER nurse. He’ll take extra shifts and give up his days off to pay for his mother’s care. He has no time for anything for himself, but when Roman approaches him, Danny can barely think of anything else. Danny doesn’t understand Roman’s allure or how he smells so good and moves so fast and when Roman saves Danny from a mugging, Danny certainly doesn’t understand the fangs that Roman has.

Roman never believed in mates until he found Danny. Now that Roman has found him, he has no intention of letting him go, but Roman’s past also has no intention of letting Roman be happy. It will take everything Roman has to keep Danny safe.

Roman is the debut book for author Grae Bryan and the start of a new vampire series. I liked the opening of the book in the year 1815, as we see the moment that Roman gets turned. The book then moves quickly into the present as Roman and Danny meet for the first time. Danny works to the point of exhaustion all of the time to pay for his mother’s care, as she has early onset dementia, and when he meets Roman, Danny is ready to give in to the simple basic care that Roman wants to offer him. There is a definite power dynamic from the start with Roman as the wealthy and worldly vampire and Danny as the naïve nurse and it was too unbalanced for me at times.

Roman’s description of his vampire was a little off for me as well, as he describes his vampire as his “demon.” At first, it sounded like he was possessed by a demon, but it is later explained that Roman refers to his vampire side as his demon. Early on it was confusing and then it never blended well for me. Danny is mostly fine when he learns that Roman is a vampire and takes it in stride when he finds out that if he wants to stay with Roman, he will have to be turned into a vampire as well.

Then there is the continuing story of Roman and his creator, Luc, which took the book off the rails for me and made the story read as a first novel.

Having read so many books in this genre, at this point I do like my books to be a little tighter and a little more polished, but if you like vampire stories from new authors, this could be one to try.