Story Rating: 4 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: John Solo
Length: 6 hours, 9 minutes

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Six is tired. As a motorcycle club enforcer, he’s the muscle when needed; as second in command of the club, he’s the president’s go-to man to get things done. He’s a dutiful son, a devoted friend, blah-blah-blah. What he really is … is tired. Tired of being alone. Tired of being the shoulder for everyone to lean on. Tired of watching CJ and Tank fuck each other stupid and love each other hard. He wants that. He wants someone to wrap his arms around and call his own.

Ollie is flamboyant, fearless, fun, and lonely. What he wants is a Dom, someone to take charge of his mess of a life — following his boyfriend to another state only to be dumped shortly after was not his best moment — someone to make him feel valued, wanted, and loved. Until then, Ollie will settle for hookups with a bright smile … all while saving his money so he can move back to Miami. One night, Ollie meets a likely looking biker, who is tall, stoic and take charge, but the opportunity passes when his friend needs his help. Her boyfriend has finally crossed the line and she needs help, but she can’t call 911. Instead, she has Ollie call for the “plumber.”

Six’s bike club runs an unofficial protection racket, serving as a defense force and backup for women (and men) trying to get out of abusive situations. They work hand in hand with a local shelter, doing what they can; when you’re a club of large, tatted, and bike riding men, what you can do is surprisingly a lot. So, grumpy after a chance at a blowjob turns into a bust, Six takes a shift on the red phone. When an emergency call comes through, he’s not quite there in time to keep the pretty boy from the bar from being hit, but he’s there to keep him and his friends from being hit again.

Ollie can’t believe his hero is the man he’s been thinking about the whole night, and now he has a chance to thank him properly. The only problem is that Six won’t touch him. Club rules state that no biker should get involved with the people they’re protecting. As far as Ollie’s concerned … that’s one rule that’s meant to be broken.

As with the first book in the Leather and Chrome series, I listened to the audio version narrated by John Solo, and all the things I enjoyed about the first book are present in this one. The drama is almost all off-page with the focus being the safe, sane, and consensual kinky relationship between Ollie and Six. The men also play with CJ and Tank, as the other couple enjoys being watched … and Six and Ollie really do enjoy watching. Ollie is open about what he wants and what he needs. His previous boyfriend (who wasn’t a perfect fit as a Dom) was indifferent to Ollie’s service kink, taking being waited on hand and foot as a given without acknowledgement or praise. And without the praise, Ollie felt used and ignored.

Six is also clear with Ollie about his limits and his kinks. While Ollie hasn’t played with chastity — cock cages and denial — he’s willing to try it to please Six, and Six is aware enough to know that Ollie might be too willing to push himself past his limits simply to please, and so goes slow and gently at first. And while there are steamy scenes aplenty, the most romantic one is where Ollie simply helps Six decompress with a shower. The honesty of their love for one another doesn’t need sex. It just needs them.

This is low angst, high fluff, high kink and it really is a charming and enjoyable series. John Solo does a good job with the voices, making Ollie’s pouts come through, as well as Six’s anger, smugness or just bone-deep exhaustion. Do yourself a favor, if you’re interested in this series, and give the audio book a try.