Today I am so pleased to welcome Aimee Nicole Walker to Joyfully Jay. Aimee has come to talk to us about her latest release, Killer Honeymoon. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Sawyer’s breath snagged in his throat when he caught sight of Royce standing at the gate, even though his back was to them as they approached. They’d chosen their suits individually, but Sawyer wasn’t surprised to see Royce had picked a similar color gray. They were always so in sync with one another. Candy, Holly, and Dru let out a collective sweet aww when they spotted Sawyer and Kelsey. Royce started to turn around, but Jace clamped a hand on his shoulder to keep him in place. Sawyer glanced at his family, who radiated joy and happiness for him.

Kelsey and Sawyer stopped a few feet behind Royce. Kels kissed his cheek and whispered how happy she was for him, then she and Jace joined the rest of the people gathered. Then it was just the two of them centered in the middle of the historic archway, and Sawyer swore he heard Royce’s heart pounding in time with his own.

“Beautiful,” Whitney said cheerfully. “I’m just going to snap a few pictures of the two of you like this. I just want to make sure the angle is good, and I’ll count you down.” Her camera clicked and whirred as she captured the moment. Sawyer caught her in his periphery a few times, but he kept his eyes locked on the back of Royce’s head. He, too, had gotten his hair trimmed for the big day. Sawyer’s fingers twitched to touch the soft, short bristles at Royce’s temple and neckline. He knew how soft they’d feel, a perfect complement to the silky strands Royce had left longer on top.

“Okay, I got some stunning shots,” Whitney said. “Let’s try one more pose. Sawyer, you step up behind Royce and cover his eyes with your hands.”

Eager to touch Royce in any way, Sawyer stepped behind him and struck the pose Whitney had suggested, but he couldn’t resist dropping a kiss on the back of Royce’s neck. A collective “Aww” came from the crowd as well as a few sniffles.

“Hols, are you the one crying already?” Royce teased.

“Not me,” Holly replied. “It’s the other Locke.”

“It’s my allergies,” Jace quipped, earning a laugh from everyone gathered.

“Ready, guys?” Whitney asked.

“Yes,” everyone replied.

“Here we go. On three,” Whitney said. “One—”

“Wait,” Royce said. “Do I turn on three?”

Whitney giggled. “I’ll count to three, then you turn.”

Royce held up a thumb. “Got it.”

“All right,” Whitney said. “One—”

Royce turned around before she could even think to say two. His beautiful gray eyes filled with tears as he cupped Sawyer’s face and said, “Hi.”

“Hi, yourself,” Sawyer replied as his eyes misted over too.

Royce pressed his forehead to Sawyer’s. “Have you always looked at me like this?”

“Only every second of every day.”


killer honeymoon coverSawyer and Royce: Matrimony and Mayhem, Book 3

Honeymoon, happily ever after, and…homicide?

Newlyweds, Royce Locke and Sawyer Key, embark on a honeymoon road trip where their biggest threat should be dodging drunk tourists on golf carts. But their arrival on South Bass Island lands them in the middle of a contentious battle between lifelong islanders and a property developer who won’t accept no for an answer. Tempers soar as the barometric pressure drops, signaling a dangerous storm brewing on the horizon and across the street. Minding their own business becomes impossible when a homicide wrecks their vacation and puts Royce and Sawyer in the path of a twisted killer.

Will their honeymoon be two tickets to paradise or a one-way trip to the morgue?

Killer Honeymoon is book three in the Matrimony and Mayhem trilogy, the second story arc for Royce Locke and Sawyer Key. ** New readers should start with the Zero Hour trilogy before reading Matrimony and Mayhem. ** Killer Honeymoon is a continuation of Royce and Sawyer’s happily ever after as they move into the next phase of their lives—professionally and personally. Though some storylines span the trilogy, this book does not end in a cliffhanger. Heat, humor, heart, and homicide abound. You have been warned. 18+.


Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself with stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily ever after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day.

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