Today I am so pleased to welcome S. Rodman to Joyfully Jay. The author has come to talk to us about their latest release, Past Life Lover. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Sam handed a large biker his change. The mountain of a man looked at the coins in his hand and frowned.

“I gave you a twenty.”

“No, it was a ten.” said Sam calmly. Wondering if he was going to have to pull up the CCTV footage to prove it.

“It was a twenty, you lying, thieving bastard!” snarled the man. Rage flaring in his eyes.

Sam reached for his baseball bat, just in case, when Tally blurred past him, grabbed the man’s greasy ponytail and slammed his face down onto the bar with a force that made Sam wince.

Sam blinked in surprise. Then he saw the gleam of one of his kitchen knives pressed against the biker’s throat. “Taliesin! Let him go!” Sam shouted in alarm.

Tally immediately jumped back, freeing his prisoner. The biker straightened and staggered back a few steps, his brown eyes wide. He clutched his neck with one hand and then looked at it. Looking surprised to see no blood. He clutched his hand back to his neck as if he still wasn’t sure. He glared at Sam in outrage.

“Keep your murder twink on a leash!” he bellowed before spinning around and fleeing out of the bar.

Sam watched him go. He wondered if he was going to call the police. Then he thought about a big biker guy assaulted by a twink in a gay bar was unlikely to tell anyone. He breathed a sigh of relief before turning back to Tally.

“What the hell was that about?” he demanded.

The knife had vanished and Tally was standing there, staring at him with an intense, awed expression.

“What?” asked Sam, feeling very confused.

“I never told you Tally was short for Taliesin.”

Sam felt a punch of something in his gut. Something that took his breath away and raised the hairs on the back of his neck. What Tally was implying was impossible.


past life lover coverWho knew putting the bins out could be life changing?

Sam is cleaning up his bar after closing time when out of nowhere a beautiful man jumps literally into his arms and won’t let go.

He soon discovers that the gorgeous stranger, Tally, has had a very traumatic night.

So all this talk of them being lovers in a past life and Tally escaping from hell to be with him again, must just be trauma induced delusions.

It has to be? Right?

There is no way this sweet looking young man is a reincarnated dark lord.

But Sam doesn’t mind looking after Tally until he feels better. It’s not like the poor man has anywhere else to go.

It’s not like one good deed will lead to his life being turned upside down and inside out. Will it?

So what if strange things start to happen? Such as hell hounds and then Lucifer’s husband showing up.

Tally might just well be worth it. Tally might just be worth everything.


I love characters that are battered and broken by life, who through the course of finding love, discover they are strong.

I like to pour my dark past into my characters and hope I will be forgiven.

Despite everything, because of everything, I will always believe that love conquers all.

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To celebrate the release of Past Life Lover, S. Rodman is giving 3 e-copies of the release! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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