Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short Story


Carter’s life is great. He loves his job, has a great sister, and lives with his best friend, Greg. The only problem is that Carter is quietly in love with Greg. Greg is affectionate and caring, and Carter hasn’t dated in years because he gets almost everything he needs from Greg. In an attempt to move on and not be worried about losing Greg’s friendship, Carter agrees to his sister’s plan to sign up for a night of a dozen speed dates. When Greg is supportive of Carter’s plan, Carter takes that as a sign he needs to move on.

The night doesn’t start out great. And one of the dates is Carter’s work nemesis, who thought Carter and Greg were already together. But as Carter talks to the men, they have the same advice; Carter should talk to Greg and tell him how he feels. As the night winds down, Carter has made a decision. And Greg’s sudden appearance is all the answer he needs.

This story is short, sweet, and hits all the right notes for a feel good story. Carter has valid reasons for being worried about admitting his feelings. Even though Greg is affectionate and takes care of him, it’s always been that way between them and Carter can’t see the depth of Greg’s feelings. Worried about losing his best friend, Carter keeps it all to himself.

As the story is told solely from Carter’s POV, the reader sees all their interactions from Carter’s perspective. But even as an outsider looking in, it’s clear that Greg loves Carter as much as Carter loves him. There’s no real angst here, and each chapter builds to knowing the MCs will get their HEA. Even the lack of communication between both MCs felt real and understandable.

This is friends to lovers at it’s best. The chemistry between them is off the charts, and it builds as the story progresses. The ending, conversation, and sex is so satisfying because it’s exactly what it should be: both men finally admitting their feelings, that they’ve basically been in a relationship for years, and taking everything to the next level.

I really enjoyed this story. It was the perfect length for the content and left me with a smile on my face. If you’re looking for a quick, feel-good read featuring friends who should absolutely be lovers, then pick this one up.