Story Rating: 3.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Michael Dean
Length: 7 hours, 24 minutes

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Sawyer finally has all his mates and the battle with his brother is on the horizon. The problem is, Sawyer still doesn’t know how to win. Pip, the newest mate, is fitting in great and though Dakota is still reluctant to join, he’s all in. With all of them together, they take the fight to the god trying to destroy the world.

But things don’t go as planned, and they are nearly defeated. They take the hit hard, but Sawyer will not be deterred. Though he finally gets some of the missing pieces, the answer seems impossible. Sawyer can’t give up his mates. There has to be another way.

But when things go from bad to worse, Sawyer has no choice but to go into battle unprepared. With his guardians at his side, and their allies fighting alongside him, he uses his new found powers and will do whatever it takes. He will stop at nothing to keep his mates safe and get the happily ever after they all deserve.

The description here is vague because otherwise it would be one big spoiler. If you’ve been reading or listening along with the Chosen One series, you know that everything finally comes to a head here. It begins with action that has your heart in your throat, and then backtracks to a lighter time. But it all leads up to the big bad and where the story has been heading since word one of book one.

Blake has laid the groundwork and steadily built the world around the culmination of this story. It’s been a journey, and with each step, more of the mystery is revealed. There are some minor inconsistencies in the world building, some of which can be explained away. It’s nothing that really kept me from enjoying the story as a whole though.

In addition to the larger plot, of course Sawyer and his mates have been falling in love. Considering there are now nine men, that’s a lot of moving parts. The one disappointing thing here for me is that Pip really hasn’t gotten his due and we didn’t get to know him as well as the rest. Throughout the first four books, each of the MCs has gotten their moment to shine and, for me, Pip feels more like an afterthought. We didn’t see as much of him, and only get to know him on the surface, so that was a bit disappointing for me.

But this story has been four books in the making, and it’s action packed. Several battles and heart-in-your-throat moments push this story along. After everything the characters (and readers) have been through, it has a truly satisfying happily ever after. Blake manages to piece together all the bits to have an epic conclusion to the major plot lines, and a sweet HEA for Sawyer and his mates.

I’m a fan of Dean’s narration for the most part, and really enjoy his smooth voice. The performance fits well with the scenes, tender when necessary and full of urgency when the action picks up. In this book in particular, I thought the narrator did a good job with the emotions of the scenes. I will say again, however, my one complaint is the inconsistencies in the character voices. With so many characters, it is hard to make them all wholly distinct. And some of the characters have instantly recognizable voices that don’t change. But when listening to the entire story, it always twigs my ear when someone sounds differently than they did in the scene before, and sometimes it makes it difficult to know who is talking.

All in all, though, I’ve enjoyed this series and really liked listening to it. If you haven’t picked this series up yet, then I can definitely recommend it. Despite the few things in the story and narration that don’t work for me, it’s overall a really solid series. This conclusion really brings it all together and has a nice ending, while also opening up the world for more stories to come.

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