Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


With four gods constantly fighting for control, Caelan Talos is exhausted and worn. After months of trying to save not only his own country, but all of Thia, Caelan is running out of time, both figuratively and literally. The Goddess of the Hunt grows stronger and the devil’s bargain that Caelan was forced to make with the God of Time is a reckoning he cannot avoid. The only bright spots in the midst of this insanity are his lover, Drayce, and the tight bond he’s formed with his advisor, Rayne, and bodyguards Eno and Adrian. They’re a family now and their support is the only thing Caelan can depend upon.

Yet Caelan’s work is far from over. He now must try and bond with Lore, the God of Wisdom. In doing so, Caelan will learn a terrible truth about a long valued ally and about the gods themselves. And despite all that he has sacrificed, in the end, it might not be enough to save the world he loves.

Embrace the Light is the fifth in the Godstone Saga and these books absolutely must be read in order. The plot would be almost impossible to follow if you jump in this late in the series. In this penultimate installment, we see all the last pieces moving into place as Caelan and his friends approach the end of their trials.

For me, Embrace the Light was similar to Wake the Dead in that it reads almost as filler. Now I don’t say that negatively. There is still a lot of great character development that takes place and there is demonstrable forward movement of the overall story. Instead, it’s as if we know that this is the calm before the storm and the last moment of peace these characters will have before their final conflict. It made some areas seem a little slower paced and not as smooth as others, but things never got boring, which I appreciated. Despite the imperfect pacing, Embrace the Light still manages to tell an engaging story, one that offers up at least a couple of eye opening moments, especially regarding the ultimate intent of the gods and their use of Caelan.

We do see the growing relationship between Caelan and Drayce, as well as the maturing of the romance between Eno and Rayne. These characters have been the beating heart of this series from the beginning and they are the reason I continue to read these books. Rayne and Eno are my particular favorites and, while the interactions between these couples aren’t quite as deep as I would prefer, there is consistent character growth and development. We see an expanding of Adrian’s role in Embrace the Light and though I haven’t fully connected with this character, I do appreciate what he has to offer as a protagonist.

Embrace the Light was an enjoyable, if somewhat more sedate, entry into the Godstone Saga. It reads a bit more slowly than other volumes and there’s always the sense that something is just around the corner. But the characters are still strong and what I think makes this series so enjoyable. Anyone who has appreciated the Godstone Saga thus far will find Embrace the Light to be a consistent and fun addition.