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Faithful is the second book in the Graceless duet and the books are intended to be read in order. This review will naturally reveal plot points for the first story.

Dylan found something he never expected with Kai and it’s something he never wants to end. But with Kai in the public eye and every move watched, this new scandal has Kai telling Dylan they should take a break. But Kai isn’t really ready to let go either. They message each other when Kai has the time and he then invites Dylan to visit him on the road.

Dylan is excited and nervous and they both crave each other a little more than is probably healthy. Dylan is slowly realizing how deep his feelings for Kai go and he wants to unravel all of Kai, including the secrets behind his scars. When the men are alone together, everything is perfect. But the real world wants all of Kai and Dylan’s father watches their every move. If Dylan truly wants to be with Kai out in the open, he has to stand up to the man who he’s spent his entire life being afraid of. Hard choices are made and secrets are revealed as Kai and Dylan work to choose each other over anything else.

The first book in this series, Graceless, ended on an unfinished note with the men not together. Faithful picks up where that book left off and Dylan’s anxiety, as well as his obsession with Kai, is still palpable. The men crave each other more than they thought possible and the depth of their feelings for each other is overwhelming to them both. Neither one of them has ever been in love and they both have their own ways of dealing with the realities of their relationship. The media won’t leave Kai alone and they dissect every move he makes. He wants to be with Dylan out in the open and, with Dylan not being out or ready to come out, life is difficult. Dylan is scared of his father and the threats he makes against Kai and the guys have lot of reasons for keeping their distance from each other out of fear.

But they can’t stay away from each other and that’s the heart of this book. Dylan and Kai may be co-dependent and their need for each other may be a little unhealthy, but they have both dealt with a lot in their lives and they heal each other in ways they fully haven’t even realized.

There is still the ongoing healing from Ava’s death and there are still the mental health issues of Dylan, Kai, and Dylan’s mother. There are themes of depression and anxiety ever present here and while some get dealt with, there were others that didn’t feel fully finished by the end.

This book is once again in Dylan’s POV and I still wanted more from Kai. More of his past is offered here, but it was still somewhat clouded in mystery and I didn’t feel like I fully knew him by the end of the book, but that may also be what he wanted as well. The men also spend a good deal of the book apart and then having intense isolated moments with each other, which were great, but by the end of the book, I would have liked the payoff to last a little longer with them settled as a couple.

This duet excels in the feelings and emotions between Kai and Dylan, and the deep intense craving they have for each other is written the way I like to read. Dylan’s first-person POV kept me directly in his head and the feeling of living his life right alongside him is what will make me remember this book and this duet. The books run a little on the darker side emotionally and for enemies to lovers with a codependent relationship and all of the intense feelings, Faithful and the Graceless duet are the books you should read next.

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