Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Life for John-Henry Somerset and Emery Hazard never stops. Even when they are not working, there is one incident after the next. This collection of short stories offers snapshots and scenes from different points in the Hazard and Somerset series. Most of the stories have been available through the author already, with the last story being new for this collection and moving the series forward once again. There are six stories in total highlighting the madness that consumes Emery and John-Henry’s lives and relationships. From Evie’s birthday party, to early life with Colt, to the men forever wanting some down time and time alone together, to constantly stepping into trouble, life moves fast for the men, but there are small touches of brief, tender moments between them.

It was a little difficult going backwards to when some of the stories were set and to get back into the feel of the series at that point. I also feel like Emery and John-Henry’s lives are going a little off the rails. They can’t go anywhere or do anything without some trauma or drama occurring. At the rate that so many things happen to them, they are starting to become more caricatures and less of the well-developed characters I am so fond of. What I like about this series and Ashe’s writing is that he transports you right back into their lives so clearly with each book, but their lives are sliding a little off the rails for me.

We also see Theo and Auggie here (from the First Quarto series), as we have throughout this portion of the Hazard and Somerset series. Their lives have moved on further in this series than in their own books, so it creates its own kind of internal spoilers.

You would want to read these stories if you have followed the series for more insight into the lives and relationship of John-Henry and Emery and to prepare for a glimpse of where their story will go next.