Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Nolan is a sought-after hairdresser in Houston, but he has plans to open his own salon. He’s never been studious, that was his twin Noah’s domain, so he’s afraid to reveal his plan to complete the business degree he began years ago. Nolan’s recently split with his cheating boyfriend, and now lives with a good friend, Diego. Diego and Nolan were returning home from a club about a month ago when their car was hit, and the reckless driver is suing Diego. Nolan’s a witness in the case, so he’s tapped to give a deposition to Diego’s lawyer, Harrison Crawford, the father of Diego’s best friend, Troy. Only, Nolan isn’t ready for Harrison to be…so darned sexy.

Harrison thought he’s done all the right things in his life. He met a girl in college, married her, worked hard, made partner in his law firm, and raised a son he cherishes. Troy just graduated college and moved out, followed shortly by his mom who divorced Harrison to pursue her tennis coach. Harrison’s lonely in his spacious, empty Houston mansion, and wondering if he should get back into dating. It’s a rather exhausting prospect, honestly. Harrison’s bisexual, though he’s never dated men. Is now his chance? He feels too old, and distinctly unfabulous, to chase after men he imagines will be younger and sexier, but all this changes when he meets his new client’s roommate and star witness, Nolan.

Nolan is young and vibrant and beautiful, and clearly interested in Harrison. Having not felt anyone’s desire for many years now, Harrison’s pull toward Nolan is downright irresistible. Still, it’s not appropriate to have a relationship with a witness, even if it’s a civil case, so Harrison just accepts Nolan’s overtures toward friendship. Such a gorgeous man would surely find a younger and fitter partner, but Harrison can’t stay away, and Nolan only wants this silver fox to come closer, after all.

This is an interesting and sweet age-gap romance. Nolan and “Harry” have little in common but a shared attraction and few acquaintances. Troy and Nolan know one another casually through Diego, who’s low-key worried Harrison might drop his case if things go south with Nolan. Troy, when he finds out, is pretty shocked, but also worried that a younger partner (not specifically Nolan) might be more interested in Harrison’s wealth than in his heart. He loves his dad and is confused about the divorce.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Harry have a fun and flirty vibe. They go out for drinks, and Nolan offers to be Harry’s gay sherpa, teaching him the finer points of manlove, only to discover their attraction runs deeper than expected. There are some dogs in the mix—Diego and Nolan are fostering two pit pups through Nolan’s mom’s rescue, and Harry’s a little silly for the sweet boys. The story takes some twists into the absurd, with vindictive females causing complications that (thankfully) get quickly resolved, once the curtains are pulled back. The bigger issue is the hits both Nolan and Harrison have taken to their self-esteem. This insecurity leads Harrison to go all paternalistic and create more drama. I loved how forthright Nolan is, and how he stands up for himself time and again, to his family, his friends, to Harrison, and to Harrison’s family and friends. Nolan’s adorable from beginning to end, keeping it classy with the right amount of sassy. Harrison’s a late bloomer in many ways, but he’s also committed to hard work. Good thing, because he needs to invest some time and effort into winning Nolan back, after brushing him off. Happy ending for all, even the puppers.