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Length: Novella


The rumors coming out of Chicago aren’t good. The dragons are dying and the once powerful Midwestern stronghold is under threat, the kind that could bring Chicago to its knees. Jason has bonded with a dragon of his own, and his fathers, Lee and Evan, realize they must investigate the Chicago rumors. Lee once called the city home and aside from his familial connections there, Chicago represents one of the last bastions of human sanctuary. So after a difficult and long journey, Lee and Evan arrive in Chicago and find the situation to be worse than expected.

Too few dragons remain, the monster attacks are constant, and politics threaten to cripple the fragile human defense. Lee and Evan must tackle different aspects of the problem, which is a test for their incredible bond. Finding a way to survive the citizens of Chicago will be difficult enough, but surviving a shocking betrayal may be impossible.

Reckless is the third in the Luckless series, following Luckless and Dauntless. This series must be read in order to fully appreciate both the story and the character development. This was a strong entry into the series and left me wanting future installments.

Lee and Evan are an established couple now, comfortable in their bond and in co-parenting Lee’s son, Jason. Now that Jason has bonded to a newly hatched dragon, Lee and Evan hoped things would calm somewhat, but the threat reports coming out of Chicago can’t be ignored and the two decide to undertake a dangerous mission to investigate. This is the first time we see them away from the Forge and experience the uniqueness of their bond outside the relative safety of their home. These two characters continue to grow and evolve, individually and as a couple, and finally we learn more about Lee’s previous life in Chicago. Even still, there are times I wish their backstories were a bit more extensive, but at least Lee reads as more dimensional and defined.

The world building in Reckless, as with the rest of the series, is good, though I wish there was more of it. The thing I enjoyed about this installment was that ultimately the greatest threat wasn’t a monster, but something decidedly more sinister. I won’t say more to avoid spoilers, but it offered a nice twist and gave Reckless a vibrancy that might have otherwise been lost. I think my biggest “complaint” is just that I want more; Reckless is, like the other volumes, a novella and the world is so intriguing that I want to see it explored and developed even further.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Luckless series so far and Reckless was no exception. I do hope the author has more planned for Lee and Evan, as I enjoy their relationship and want to see how it evolves from this point. I think equally interesting is Jason, Lee’s son, who takes a backseat in Reckless, but clearly has a story waiting giving his recent and powerful bonding. If you’ve enjoyed the rest of the books, then Reckless will prove to be a satisfying installment. And for new fans intrigued by the premise, start with Luckless and enjoy this series from the beginning.

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