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It’s been ten years since Wyatt and Grant have seen each other. Six years since they have even spoken. Their time together when Wyatt was a young man heading off to college burned hot for the summer, but they weren’t ready for anything more and the men moved on without one another. But now, Wyatt is coming off a divorce and moving back into town and suddenly, Wyatt and Grant are back in each other’s lives as next door neighbors once again.

Neither Grant nor Wyatt ever stopped thinking about the other, ever stopped having feelings for each other. They may have missed their chance a decade ago, but they are not going to miss it again. The two begin not only sleeping together again, but also exploring more kink. Grant is a Dom and Wyatt is interested in understanding more about being a submissive. The two are a perfect fit in the bedroom and are falling hard for each other. But they are still together in secret, neither one ready to tell Adam, Wyatt’s father and Grant’s best friend, about their relationship. The two men are finally ready for a life together, but they need to trust in what they are building and share the truth about their romance before they can truly move forward together.

Until Now is the third book in Kate Hawthorne’s great Not Ready for Love trilogy and the culmination of Wyatt and Grant’s story, which began with Not Allowed. The stories intertwine, with books one and three focused on Grant and Wyatt, and book 2 featuring Adam and Cooper, but their journeys connect and you will want to read all three books (or at the very least 1 and 3) to get the full story. Having finished the trilogy, I have to say I really like what Hawthorne did here with these books. She has managed to give us two complete and distinct relationships with the two couples, but also connect the three books in a really interesting and engaging way. The story is told so as to give us a window into both couples as we go across the series.

I liked the way the Grant and Wyatt’s story breaks into two parts with the second book in between. It really highlights the sense of the men needing that time to figure things out and be ready for one another. The theme of the series is not ready for love, and we can see that while Grant and Wyatt felt strongly for each other, they were not in a place individually or as a couple where they could make it work all those years ago. They needed that time to grow and figure out what they wanted and just be ready to take on a relationship together. It allows them to start fresh after ten years, but also build on those feelings and the connection they once had.

The story delves more into kink than the first book, as Grant introduces Wyatt to more about dominance and submission. Wyatt has played a bit, but not enough to really be familiar with what he wants or even what he could have. So we get some nice scenes here as the men explore kink together and it is a sexy story. But it is also about the men supporting each other and finding a way to fit into each other’s lives once again, this time for the long term. I really liked them as a couple and could feel how the time apart made them more ready for one another.

Overall, I found this to be a really great series and the books work so well as a set. If you have been holding off on trying these until the story is done, now is your chance to grab all three. I enjoyed both Wyatt/Grant and Adam/Cooper and watching them come together when they were finally ready for love.

P.S. Most of you probably already noticed this, but I got a kick out of realizing that when read together, the titles are Not Allowed, To Love You, Until Now, which ties so perfectly with the Not Ready for Love series title.

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