Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


When Ketis is offered a position as political aide to Prince Ivar, he knows it will not only be a huge boost to his career, but it might help put a broken heart behind him too. After his alpha, Soran, seemingly failed him in a time of distress, Ketis wants move forward and focus on anything other than the man he loved.  

That’s easier said than done when Soran is in placed in charge of Prince Ivar’s security detail. Now, Ketis and Soran are confined on a ship as Ivar journeys to be wed. There is no way Ketis and Soran can avoid one another and, if that were not stressful enough, someone is trying to kill Ivar. Which means Ketis and Soran must keep him safe, even if it means getting caught in the crossfire. Trying to stay alive while untangling a pair of broken hearts is no easy task, but for Ketis and Soran, it might mean finding a way back to love. 

Close Quarters is a fast paced, sci-fi adventure set in the omegaverse. It’s light on world building and character development, but it’s still a sweet story that works despite its deficits. 

Ketis and Soran are only slightly more developed than superficial; there’s not a lot of depth to either of them and the reason for their break up doesn’t really seem supported, but their affection for one another comes to through in a big way. Despite the hurt between them, the love runs deeper and it guides their actions without them even being aware of it. As a couple they work, despite their lack of growth over the course of the book. 

The plot isn’t overly complicated and it doesn’t always make the most sense. And Soran is kind of terrible at his job; he’s perfectly willing to be distracted by Ketis, even when it means putting his actual charge at risk. The ending felt rushed and, while most of the book was well paced, the end was uneven. It’s a small part, so I didn’t find it overly distracting, but it just stuck out since pacing is one of the overall strengths of this book. Despite these issues, the basic story was engaging and I wish it had been longer and more fleshed out. There was a lot of potential in the overall world building and it would have been nice to see that aspect given more time to shine. 

Close Quarters wasn’t a perfect book, thanks to weak characters and too little attention to detail. But it was enjoyable anyway and I appreciated the generally strong pacing and the engaging nature of the characters and their relationship. I think most omegaverse fans will appreciate this one on some level.