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Sage’s time travel inadvertently brought arcane magic to the eyes of the world when he landed right in the Aurora Aureum lobby, and now he has become a reluctant celebrity. Sage hates the attention, particularly as it makes it hard for him to go to his bookstore without being mobbed. But the positive side is that people are finally acknowledging arcane magic and, even better, it seems like the Aurora Aureum are finally taking the threat of the Believers more seriously. For the first time, they are making an effort to actually investigate the problem and round up the cult members involved.

Of course, it isn’t all that simple as even as the investigation is underway, the threats haven’t disappeared. Sage finds himself continuing to be a target, and now, his loved ones are at risk as well. But Sage is a strong and powerful mage, and he no longer has to hide what he can do. He is determined to fight with all he has to stop the Believers, protect those he loves, and find a way to a happy future with Gideon.

Fluke and the Fantastic Finale is the fifth and final book in Sam Burns’ wonderful Fantastic Fluke series. I have been crazy about this series since the start, and Burns really pulls things together nicely here to tie it all up in the final book.

This story opens in the aftermath of Sage and the gang landing in the lobby of the Aurora Aureum upon returning from their adventures in the past (Fluke and the Frontier Farce). While Sage previously had mostly been able to stay off the radar of the higher ups, now it is all out in the open, for both good and bad. One one hand, Sage is a little adrift because he can’t really hang out at the bookstore anymore (too many fans). But on the other, there is finally some recognition of both his branch of magic, as well as what has been happening with the Believers. Finally, someone in authority is accepting that this cult is out there and that they have infiltrated the official magical circles. Sage is also able to help out in the investigation, and the case is pretty much cracked open here.

The story also focuses on the relationship and family side, something that has always been an important part of the series. Sage started out pretty much alone, and now he has this incredibly important circle of friends and loved ones who care about and support him. Things tie up nicely in terms of an HEA for Sage and Gideon, as well as really highlighting the importance of these connections that have grown over the books.

My one complaint here is that for the finale of what is a super exciting and suspenseful series, things felt a little too low key in this final volume. I found this even more noticeable after the incredibly engaging fourth book that really has some intense moments and fantastic revelations. Things do tie up with the Believers, but there is no big showdown or anything at the level of prior stories. Things just seem to quietly get cleaned up, and much of the action with regard to rounding up the cult happens off page. There is a big threat Sage faces, so there is action here, but for the final book in the series, I was hoping for more excitement and intensity as it all comes together.

I have really loved this series and think Burns has created some wonderful world building, engaging characters, and a really interesting series storyline. We have had great growth from Sage as a character, and I love his relationship with Gideon. This series has been a real favorite of mine and I definitely recommend it for those looking for a paranormal magical series following the same couple on some incredible adventures.

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