Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel


Miller Beaumont’s twin sister, celebrity Anaïs “Annie” Beaumont, is missing. Miller didn’t know she was missing at first as their relationship is strained, but an encounter with Johnny “Jack” Jacopo has Miller on edge that Annie is in danger.

Jack was the Castellani family’s top hitman until an incident now has him doing grunt work. He knows the family is the only life he will ever be allowed to have and a new job has him seeing an opportunity to move back up the ranks within the family. Except, the first man that Jack has to question, the brother of the missing actress, is the same man that Jack had an encounter with at the local bar the night before.

Jack has no intention of working with Miller, but Miller has inside information and won’t take no for an answer at teaming up to find Annie. It doesn’t take long for Jack to realize that he has more than one soft spot for Miller and that he is falling for him. But the men are in danger and someone is after Miller as well, and Jack realizes he has everything to lose.

His Lethal Desire is the first book in a new series featuring Jack, a mafia hitman, the family he works for, and then the man he will fall in love with. We get introduced to both characters at a good pace and we learn a little about where Jack is in his life and then how Miller fits in.

The men are opposites in that Jack is a killer for hire bound to a mob family and Miller is a wealthy former child star with not much direction in his life. The men have seen each other at the local bar over many nights and finally have an encounter, but Jack knows he can’t have anything good in his life, especially not someone as good and sweet as Miller. Being tied to Jack is dangerous and Jack has no intention of putting a target on anyone else, but he can’t resist Miller.

The chemistry between the men is apparent from the start and they act on the physical side of their relationship. There is a good pace to the rest of their relationship as they investigate Miller’s sister disappearance and come to terms with their need for each other and how they are better together. I would have liked if the reason for Jack’s demotion in the family was revealed at a faster pace, as I felt that area went on too long and took away from the story without knowing why Jack was in the position he was in. Jack also gives Miller the nickname of “Trouble,” and it was used so often that it lost its fun meaning and became annoying due to the constant repetition.

The mystery of Annie’s disappearance was interesting, with side characters that offered a “Mean Girls” or “Gossip Girl” vibe. The main hook of the mystery was apparent to me from the start and, while I would have liked it be a little more complex, it kept the story moving along. Alongside the mystery is Miller’s tumultuous home life and then Jack’s life in the mob family.

The ending leaves Miller and Jack in a good place, but the larger storyline of the mob family and where Jack will continuously fit in is still ongoing. There is a good balance here between the mystery, the relationship between Miller and Jack, and the larger story of the crime family. Some of the same characters will appear in the next book. I will look forward to what is next for Miller and Jack.