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Length: Novel


Kieran wants nothing more than to spend time on a tropical island with his best friend, Matt. Matt’s girlfriend broke it off with him right before Matt’s sister’s wedding and now Kieran will be his plus one. But Kieran has been in love with Matt forever and Kieran knows his friend has no interest in him and no interest in men. Even on an island with plenty of available guys, all Kieran can see is Matt, but so can the bridesmaids and Kieran feels like his heart is being broken over and over each and every day.

But Matt is seeing Kieran in an entirely different light and Matt doesn’t have time to examine the raging jealousy he feels when Kieran’s focus is not on him. But Matt knows he wants Kieran in ways that will change everything about their relationship and that everyone will see who Matt is. Kieran will forever want to be with Matt and Matt will have to decide if he wants Kieran where everyone can see.

Spanish Siesta is the second book in C.F. White’s Flying into Love series. It reads as a standalone and can be enjoyed without reading book one. This book features Matt and Kieran as they spend time on the island of Majorca for Matt’s sister’s wedding.

Kieran thinks he has done a great job all these years of hiding his feelings for Matt, but most people close to him can see them, just not Matt. Matt has had one girlfriend after the other and things have never worked out and it’s only now that Matt is starting to take a look at the reason. Matt and Kieran come from different worlds, with Kieran being raised by a single mom and Matt having famous parents and while Matt is at university, Kieran has continually put his plans on hold to assist his mother.

The chemistry between the guys is great. While this trope has been done before, when it’s done right, it’s still a great read. There is the familiar longing and pining between both men as they navigate their feelings for each other with only one bed in the hotel room. The setting is great, as well, with the men on a warm, tropical island and away from their daily routines.

Where the book veered off course for me was all of the family drama. Matt’s sister is overbearing as a bride, his parents have a terrible marriage, and his father is a homophobic former professional rugby player who spends his days drinking. Kieran’s mother at first was presented as a good mother to him, but Kieran has put his entire life on hold to work with her for free at her bed and breakfast and she seems fine with that and the one time Kieran asks her for help, she makes him feel guilty for it. There is even more to the family drama at the end with no repercussions for their terrible behavior and it all really detracted from the book overall for me.

If the story had stayed with Matt and Kieran and let go of some of the family drama, it would have been a better read for me, as the parts with the two of them were great. If you like a large dose of family mixed in with your friends to lovers, this would be one to look for.