Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Without a Trace is the fifth and final book in the Shadows of London series. The books are designed to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points for the series.

John and Alex are living under assumed names in Scotland and their relationship is stronger than ever. They thought they had more time there before being discovered, but that’s not the way things work for them. Alex promised Dom no more secrets, but there are more things that Alex has been reluctant to share as he feels these are the ones that John won’t be able to forgive him for.

Kage is also still out there and he knows that John and Alex are alive and Alex needs to finally stop Kage once and for all. But Kage has no intention of going down quietly and he has John in his sights for retribution.

John and Alex know they are better and stronger together, but they are still wanted men in London and the power from the source is surging. John and Alex both feel it, and when Alex’s long buried past confronts him again, the sacrifices might mean the end for one of them as John and Alex race to change the world once again.

The finale to John and Alex’s story is here and there is plenty of action and plenty of heart as the men love, fight, and challenge each other at every turn. The heart of the story for me is the relationship between the men. They are opposites in a lot of ways, with John having grown up in a mob family and then joining the military and Alex seemingly living the posh lifestyle to the outside world, but they both have their demons and they are both powerful latents and now, they both love each other.

Alex can’t help himself as he keeps more secrets from John and John wants their relationship to be real and equal and every omission is a setback. But even through all of it, John knows he will go back to Alex again and again as he knows they truly belong together.

This book still has plenty of action as the men twist their way through the heart of London to get to the source that beats for all latents. The author never makes it easy on her characters and while John and Alex have gone through so much in their lives, there is still more torment that awaits them. I can’t say I was surprised by any of the reveals and, while I do wish the culmination of the story was not as expected or familiar, it was great seeing John and Alex save the world. Their relationship is one to be remembered as they get the HEA they both craved and deserved.