Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Two years ago, Rory made a wish that killed over 80% of the world’s population. Feeling like a third wheel on his outing with his friends while vacationing in Ireland, Rory wished for all the lovers in the world to just … go away. And they did. Now, Rory is trapped in a world of introverts and incels and monsters. And there are, surprisingly, a lot of monsters, and it’s all Rory’s fault.

While on the hunt for cute socks, Rory ends up trapped in a woman’s changing room, being looked at like he’s a snack — and not in the good way. The four-legged, four-eyed monster wants to kill and eat him, and the only thing stopping it is the giant sword wielded by the equally giant two-horned, blue-skinned monster man who also looks at Rory like he’s a snack. In the good way.

This is the first book in the Monster Apocalypse series, featuring a collection of alien-monster men looking for their fated mates, and Rory, who isn’t sure he’s feeling the whole fated mates thing. Or mates thing at all. But when it’s been a long and unpleasant few days and the monster-alien men are offering food, and a shower, and undying devotion … it’s hard to say no. So Rory says yes. And yes. And yes.

The focus of this story isn’t the world building, the plot, or character arcs; the focus is on the sex, the inhuman tongue and dick of Inkiri, Rory’s fated mate, and how Rory goes from being a virgin to being in love. If that’s what you’re looking for in a book, then this will be right up your alley, but if you want a more fleshed out world, you’re going to have to wait and see whether that comes in further books in the series.

Inkiri has no personality. What he has is a cat-like tongue and a barbed penis, along with endless, unquestioning love for Rory. He and his fellow bagu come from another world called Aër, which is now open to Earth. Magic on their world is dying, but somehow Rory’s wish, which used magic, allowed them to come to Earth. Inkiri came to follow the pull of his fated mate, and the others (who will doubtless get their own books) came to follow their friend.

The writing is fine. Rory’s voice is that of a typical twink, all self-deprecation, running inner monologue with a fondness for curses like “fudge” and “golly,” who discovers he really likes sex. The overall pacing is decent, and there are hints of a greater story around the edges, but — as I said before — the focus here is the sex more than the story. It’s fine, but it just left me wanting more.