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Quinn has been crushing on his housemate, Stefan, for a while, but he doesn’t think the other man is interested. Little does Quinn know that Stefan feels the same. But neither Quinn nor Stefan wants to potentially ruin their friendship or shake up their shared house dynamic by sharing their feelings if they are unrequited. Fortunately, there are enough meddling housemates who see the shared attraction and are able to held nudge the guys along to finally share their feelings.

Quinn and Stefan begin to explore their connection, but things aren’t always easy. Quinn has both narcolepsy and cataplexy, conditions that make it hard for him to regulate his sleep/wake cycles, as well as causing him to lose motor control or even consciousness after strong emotions. Most of the guys Quinn has dated in the past have been very unsupportive of the accommodations he needs, such as having to change plans when he is overcome with the need to sleep. However, Stefan is a professional Dom, so he is very used to figuring out what people need and giving them the best possible experience. So while the men have to do some navigating of their dating and sex lives, Stefan is fully on board.

The guys find they are incredibly compatible in bed, as Quinn’s desire for pain and edging are a perfect fit for Stefan’s own dominant tendencies. But even more, they are there to support one another. Stefan is always patient and understanding when Quinn’s health requires some adaptation. And Quinn finds that he is also able to support Stefan as he deals with some demons in his past. Neither man thought that the other was interested, but now that they have finally shared their feelings, Quinn and Stefan are finding the partnership that they always wanted with each other.

Keep Me on Edge is the fourth book in Colette Davison’s My Kinky Housemate series. The books center around a group of kinky men who share a house, and the various roommates appear in one another’s stories. The books generally stand alone from a relationship viewpoint, but often some of the storylines cross over a bit. In this case, we learned in Plaything, which features Stefan’s twin brother, Beau, that the men were abandoned by their mother as young teens. We see that storyline just beginning in that first book, and here we get some resolution. I think it comes together well, allowing us to see the different ways the two brothers approach the situation, as well as answering the questions of what happened to their mother and why. It also gives a chance for Quinn to step up and support Stefan, a man who is used to having to shoulder a lot of responsibility, both in his home and professional life.

From a relationship end, things run pretty smoothly for Quinn and Stefan here. The start of the book has both men into the other, but afraid to admit it. But that part doesn’t go on too long before they open up about their attraction and begin exploring it. The bulk of the book is mostly watching these guys fall for one another over a period of a few weeks, so things do progress pretty fast for them in terms of where they end up. We also see how they work with Quinn’s health conditions and how it affects him individually, as well as his relationship with Stefan. For example, Quinn tends to fall asleep easily, so they need to carefully plan dates and even sex for times (and conditions) where Quinn is likely not to get as drowsy. I found this side of things very interesting, as I don’t know much about narcolepsy or cataplexy, and so I enjoyed learning more.

I continue to enjoy this group of men and I find that as the books go on, we are getting more interaction among the roommates, which I enjoy. As with the others, this book ends with a hint of what is to come next in the series, and I am looking forward to continuing on.

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