advertise with Joyfully Jay badgeThe Joyfully Jay 2023 Advertising Calendar is now open for booking!

Advertising on Joyfully Jay is a great way to reach loads of LGBTQ romance readers all in once place! We are a busy blog with lots of readers looking to learn about new LGBTQ romance. We run about 15 reviews a week, plus daily guest posts during the week, so we have lots of content to keep readers coming back for more!

Ads are placed in the two right-hand sidebars under the Welcome message and are available on a monthly basis. We offer four tiers of ads: Tier 1 (top spot in each column), Tier 2 (second spot in each column), Tier 3 (third spot in each column) and Regular tier (everything else).

I am also offering a volume discount for booking multiple ads at once. The discount applies to new ads booked in November and December 2022, as well as any time in 2023. They do not need to be booked in consecutive months. All the details about ad pricing, placement, traffic statistics, booking requirements, and the discount are available in Advertising with Joyfully Jay in 2023.

Check out our Advertise page for more details and current availability. (As always, the current year’s advertisers get an early bird booking opportunity, so some spots have already filled.)

If you are interested in booking any spots, please send me an email with what you would like to book (and any alternatives if those spots are full). Thanks! Jay

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