Today I am so pleased to welcome Rory Maxwell to Joyfully Jay. Rory has come to talk to us about her latest release, Something Undeniable. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Rory a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

This was a terrible idea.

Micah tugged fruitlessly at the hem of his newly cut-off denim shorts, the ones that were already uncomfortably snug before Izzy had taken a pair of scissors to them and turned them into something that would be more appropriate at a downtown nightclub than on the ranch. “I look like a stripper,” he complained to an unsympathetic Izzy and Archer.

He never should have let the two of them meet. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but it wasn’t them getting on like a house on fire and then ganging up on him.

“You look smoking hot. Those jeans do amazing things to your ass,” Izzy said.

“Yeah,” Archer chimed in. “If I wasn’t straight, I’d do you.”

Micah laughed through a groan. “You guys are the worst. This isn’t going to prove anything.” He grabbed his flannel to pull it back on.

“Nope,” Izzy said, taking it from him and replacing it with a white t-shirt that Micah had last worn in high school. “We’re pulling out the big guns. He’s been holding back so far, but nothing’s hotter than a soaking wet twink. Trust me, if he’s still into you—which he is—you won’t have any doubts after this.”

Twenty minutes later, Micah found himself participating in the equine version of a car wash. He was drenched, Archer having already sprayed him with the hose twice, and his white tee was translucent and basically glued to his body. Micah wasn’t shy by any means and knew he looked good, but this plan was so over the top, Ryan was going to see right through it—just like he could see through Micah’s shirt.

He ran the soapy sponge over Lex’s flank. At least his horse was getting a bath out of the deal. His white spots had been looking a little dingy.

The hose hit him again and he sputtered, laughing helplessly as he tried to bat the water away. “Quit it, you asshole! I’m already soaked.”

“Sorry about that, JB,” Archer said with a laugh. “You were looking a little warm.”

Micah snorted at the old nickname. He was years past jailbait, thank you very much! He pushed his hair out of his face and turned to give Archer a piece of his mind, only to come face-to-face with a narrow-eyed Ryan.


something undeniable coverSplit Rock Ranch, Book 1

Micah Avery has called Split Rock Ranch home for most of his life—it’s one of the few places he can be totally himself without worry or judgment. The ranch, the horses, and the people are Micah’s future, and he couldn’t be happier. The fact that it’s also home to the ranch manager he’s determined to marry one day is icing on the cake . . . all he needs is for Ryan to notice him.

Ryan Astor came to Split Rock Ranch at a time when he was desperate to start over. It was just supposed to be a stop on the road, but instead he found a home and a family—that family includes Micah, the sweet kid who’s been the ranch mascot since before he was tall enough to see over the stall doors. Ryan’s finally found his place, and he can’t imagine wanting anything to change.

Then little Micah Avery grows up. And Ryan’s suddenly confronted with a whole mess of feelings and desires he never expected. Now he needs to decide if he can give in to what they both want without jeopardizing everything they have.

Something Undeniable is a slow-burn, 37k-word novella with an age gap, mutual pining, and plenty of heat. It’s the first book in the Split Rock Ranch series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.


rory maxwell avatarRory Maxwell discovered romance novels on her mom’s bookshelf when she was probably too young to be reading them—the reward for being a nosy kid with great reading comprehension. The magic of a dial-up internet connection led her to the wonderful world of MM fanfiction a few years later and she fell love with the genre. In 2019 she woke up with a plot bunny, opened a word doc, and started trying to figure out how this writing stuff worked.

Rory grew up outside of Washington, DC, moved away, and then came back for reasons she doesn’t fully understand. An artist and writer, she always has too many exciting ideas and not nearly enough free time. One day, she hopes to escape to the mountains and open an LGBTQIA+ friendly bed and breakfast where she can work from home and write as much as she wants. In the meantime, she splits her time between her day job and writing MM romance with endearing characters, lots of feels, plenty of heat, and a dash of kink.

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