Today I am so pleased to welcome Christina Lee to Joyfully Jay. Christina has come to talk to us about her latest release, Making Waves. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

making waves


Exclusive Excerpt

“Why the fuck are you up at this ungodly hour?”

His voice was all hoarse and sexy, making my dick pay attention.

“Welcome to our practice schedule. We have to set three alarms just to make sure we get out the door on time.”

“Bet it’s impossible to turn that off.” He nipped at my nape, sending an electric current directly to my balls.

“It’s hard to break the habit. My brain is telling me one thing, but my body has other ideas. Sorry I woke you.” I sighed. “Go back to sleep. I’ll make sure I’m quiet when I leave.”

His arms tightened around me, his stiff length digging against the small of my back. “I didn’t ask you to leave.”

“Probably for the best.” I shifted to lie on my back. “I’ll only keep you up.”

“I’m already up.” When Remy rolled on top of me, it was a shock to feel his naked skin and hard cock against mine. “And I know just the thing to keep you occupied.”

“Fuck.” I hooked my legs around his hips and rutted against him. He huffed out a laugh, before taking my hands and caging them against the pillows above my head.


making waves coverFranklin University Series, Book 7

Alex Larsen

Remy Duval was my high school crush and secret first kiss, but he’s also so much more. A painter, a tattoo artist, my best friend Bailey’s older brother…and Bailey’s sworn enemy. It was easier to keep my distance the past two years, but now that Bailey and I are attending Franklin University with him, I’m only drawn to Remy more. I should be loyal to my best friend, focus on classes and swim team, but the more I see Remy around campus, the harder it becomes to stay away.

Remy Duval

My brother hates me, but that’s no surprise. I’ll take the fall for ruining our family if it means doing the right thing. But as soon as my brother and his best friend show up on campus, I know I’m in trouble. Alex is all grown up, and I can’t help wanting him, especially when he’s in those tiny swim briefs that emphasize everything.

One kiss leads to more, and before we know it, we’re tumbling into secret, no-strings-attached hookups. But who knew Alex would understand me in ways few others have? And I think, just maybe, I understand him too.

I keep telling myself it’s temporary. Alex doesn’t want to disappoint his best friend, and after what my parents went through, I’m not looking to settle down. Making waves is nothing new, but the further I fall, the more I drag Alex in the deep end with me.


christina lee avatarOnce upon a time, Christina Lee was a wardrobe stylist in New York City. She spent her days schlepping clothes, hailing cabs, and on the hunt for the perfect lip gloss, which became a bit of an addiction—along with books and coffee. You could always find her perched in a corner booth of a favorite diner sipping a dark roast and reading.

She currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and son—her two favorite guys. She’s been a clinical social worker and a special education teacher and while very rewarding, they still didn’t feel like an exact fit. It wasn’t until she began writing a weekly column for the local newspaper that the bells went off in her head. She could finally draw from her real-life experiences and vivid imagination to write fiction—and she’s never looked back.

Christina writes romance in different sub-genres, but mostly with LGBTQ characters because representation matters and everyone deserves a happily-ever-after.

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