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Length: Novel


Logan is the captain of his high school rugby team and everyone thinks he has it all. But Logan has a secret that he guards closely. When Logan needs help with chemistry and Jake is going to be his new tutor, his secret is in danger of being exposed as Jake is everything Logan wants.

Jake just moved to town and family issues tore apart his comfortable life. His little brother is angry and his mother is barely holding it all together. Tutoring comes easy to Jake, but tutoring the most popular guy in school has Jake’s nerves in a tangle.

The guys develop what others see as an unlikely friendship, but Jake and Logan fit well together. Jake is attracted to Logan and it shakes him up because he wasn’t expecting to be attracted to a guy and with Logan’s father the town pastor, Logan simply can’t let himself want Jake. But their attraction is fierce and nothing feels better than when they are together; however, not everyone wants to see their relationship out in the open.

Jake and Logan make for great characters in Attractive Forces. With Jake tutoring Logan in chemistry, there is plenty of that chemistry to be found between them, as well as jokes and puns also about chemistry. From the outside, Logan looks like he has it all. As captain of the rugby team, everyone wants to either be him or be with him. But Logan struggles with a pastor father who makes rugby a priority and he struggles with knowing that he is gay but being terrified to let anyone else know. Jake has family issues that make life difficult and he has had a lot of unpleasant changes making him the new kid in town during high school.

The book is a mix between YA and NA as Jake and Logan acknowledge their attraction to each other in a slow burn pace. They enjoy hanging out together, but can’t resist that there are feelings there that they don’t want to ignore. Still, they are forced to sneak around as Logan isn’t ready to come out, especially where his father gets involved—which is everywhere.

There aren’t any twists to this story and the guys share a comfortable friendship that catches fire with great character development for both Jake and Logan. They each have family issues that took over the ending for me and felt rushed and I would have liked to see more of them as a couple once everything settled at the end. Given their age, there is still a lot ahead for Jake and Logan, but they are left in a good place together as they choose each other.

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