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Kittisak really isn’t to be blamed for any of this. It’s just that eight days is too long for a healthy young man to go without some sort of release. So when he wakes up in a dank, underground nest made of branches and leaves with a tall, dark, and gorgeous monster curled behind him — the same monster who saved him from being shot — is it any wonder he’s sporting morning wood? Clearly, he has to do something about this before the monster wakes up.

I’m going to be blunt. This book is exactly what it claims to be — an erotic retelling of the Creature from the Black Lagoon — and it’s full of fun, adventure, and smut. Kittisak is in a bit of a crisis as his grades are about to get him kicked out of college, which would be bad. So, he signs up to help Professor Browning as a research assistant while the man treks through the rainforest. Kittisak is in charge of taking samples, recording samples, and listening attentively. It’s hot, humid, and there are bugs everywhere … but if he can get an A for his final, he might just manage to pass his class.

When a shadowy, inhuman figure enters his tent one night, Kittisak thinks it must be a dream. Why else would this black and cerulean creature, with the physique of an Olympian and the most arresting eyes he’s ever seen, just suddenly appear in front of him? Then they find the arm; a decaying piece of a corpse in a pool of water with clawed fingers and familiar webbing. Then they find the body, rotting in a crude coffin. It’s another fish-man-monster, only this one with gold around its neck.

The professor is delighted by the discovery, the guards are delighted by the gold, and Kittisak is delighted when he ends up kidnapped by the monster of his dreams. There is monster sex, and lots of it, where Kittisak has to deal with the fact that his new lover — Shu — isn’t human. But Kittisak is a brave man and willing to work for what he wants. It helps that Shu is sweet, considerate, loving, and loyal. Shu has fallen in love, and it’s not long before Kittisak realizes he feels the same way.

But paradise isn’t forever, not when the Professor suddenly finds his way to their lovely lagoon on a rescue mission.

Again, this is a straightforward monster meets human book, but there’s a dry humor, excellent writing, and all the steamy scenes you could wish for. It’s also part of a multi-author Monsters & Mayhem series with more monsters meeting more men and, I imagine, a lot more monster sex.  If that’s something you think you’ll enjoy, try this book and maybe look up others in the series. I know I will!

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