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Wrestling was Cassidy “Goldie” Nash’s one true love. And he had been a star. Audiences loved his signature move and his descent into villainhood, and catapulted Goldie’s star from the wrestling ring to the silver screen, merch deals, and more. Until an unplanned, unscripted move from his opponent gave Goldie a career-ending spinal injury. Twenty years on, he’s got an apartment full of worthless memorabilia and more pain management medication than actual food.The deepening winter makes Goldie’s body ache and he will never regain his former wrestler glory. One day, as Goldie hurries home from the gym where he works, he literally bumps into the most stunningly beautiful man. After a short, but intense connection, the man bolts. But he leaves Goldie with warm feelings like he hasn’t felt in years…and keenly aware of how little his has in his life.

Filthy sins spew from every corner when Day goes out in public. No one actually tells Day they want to bang their sister or strangle their boss, but he still hears it; he knows it. And everyone oozes disgusting thoughts. In fact, it is Day’s God given mission to silence those evil voices…by whatever means necessary. But then a gorgeous man accidentally knocks Day over. Goldie chivalrously gives Day the coat off his own back. Best of all, this man is blessedly silent. Day is almost awestruck, but he runs away when the rest of the world comes rushing back in. At home, however, he finds the man’s wallet in the coat pocket. Determined to see the silent man again, Day ventures out to the home of one Cassidy Nash. And he has a plan…all Day needs is enough sleeping medicine to knock out his giant and explain what Day already knows: they will be husbands in flesh.

Pure Silence is a stunning piece of fiction by author K.L. Hiers. It’s a contemporary, thriller-esque, get-together story that features a marvelous pair of main character/love interests. First, let’s discuss the thriller aspects. To be blunt, Day is a righteous killer, the kind that knows he’s doing the dirty work for the greater good. As I understand it, Day kills people who have sinned egregiously. One victim, for example, was probably involved with kiddie porn. So Day benefits from this quasi-justification in killing people. He also doesn’t simply go on endless murder sprees just because 99% of humanity is terrible. All of which is to say it’s not necessarily hard to give Day the benefit of the doubt about killing people. He’s a vigilante out for justice. It’s just that Day is well versed in all the myriad ways of killing a person…with or without tools. And he believes he is literally chosen by God for this role. One of the brilliant aspects of the storytelling is how there’s never a clear answer to the question “Is Day truly doing God’s work or is he just the luckiest SOB to have ever walked the earth?” Obviously, Day knows it’s the former, Goldie struggles between these options, and a local detective who gets involved is convinced it’s the latter. As a reader, I simply marveled at how well the whole premise was baked into the story.

The get-together element was exciting and fraught. These two feel a spark the moment their eyes meet. There’s physical attraction in spades, for one thing. And Day is drawn to the one human who speaks only with his voice, as opposed to the barrage of internal/subconscious noise everyone else oozes. As these two get to know each other, Goldie discovers a powerful preference to submit. The dominant/submissive theme is wonderfully explored in these dissimilar, yet very compatible, love interests. And if you like spice, get ready for a five-alarm fire cause these two are hot. The power balance between them figures prominently into their sexual relationship and flows into their personal relationship (and eventually conflict resolution skills). But there’s also a bit of kink with insertion, bondage (well, handcuffs), and body fluids.

The fraught side of their relationship stems in part because, well, if Day is just supremely lucky…what if that luck doesn’t extend to Goldie? Or what if Goldie’s skepticism about Day’s God-given murder mission ends up convincing Day that Goldie isn’t The One? There is a chunk of the book where things are going well and no murder is required…but then an organized crime outfit gangs up to attack them, just when it was obvious to everyone that whatever made Day special (black-ops level murder skills or being a literal hand of God) was weakest? And, of course, there is the whole other aspect of Day becoming desperately aroused by meting out the ultimate justice…something Goldie starts getting into, as well.

Overall, Pure Silence is a rare gem of a story for me. I loved watching these characters meet, interact, fall in love, and work really damn hard to convince each other why murder is good (Day) or bad (Goldie). It was a treat to watch them grow into their relationship, to discover joy in having someone accept you even if they don’t necessarily agree with you. I loved the moral conundrums of rooting for a murderer who is convinced he is doing God’s work…and having that as a plausible explanation for how he does what he does. Pure Silence is an instant recommend for me for readers who want an engrossing book that is as challenging as it is satisfying to read.

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